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Happy 50th Sound of Music

"'Something Good' was filmed in darkness because Andrews and Plummer were so exhausted and punchy they literally could not film the scene without laughing." -Vladdy

"This movie triggers ALL of the feelings." - Hayden


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Next Tuesday... a Ball 

We're multi-tasking again. Cinderella week has already kicked off here at TFE but don't forget to watch Paris is Burning on Netflix Instant Watch (or Amazon instant rental) this weekend so you can maximize the fun of Hit Me With Your Best Shot Tuesday night. Let Jenny Livingston's classic documentary school you on Ball culture. It's only like 70 minutes long so you'll have time. You might even wish it were 700 minutes long when the credits roll.

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Visual Index ~ The Sound of Music (1965) "Best Shots"

Each Tuesday night we ask anyone with a pinterest, blog, tumblr or what have you to post their favorite shot from a preselected movie. To kick off Season Six: The Sound of Music (1965) for its 50th Anniversary.

Unlike its obvious counterpart in belovedness, The Wizard of Oz (previously featured in this series) it was wildly popular from the day it opened. If you adjust for inflation it remains the third highest grossing film of all time after Gone With the Wind (1939) and Star Wars (1977). Like GWTW, its production trouble seems to have magically made it a stronger film rather than torpedoing it. Funny how fate works. For example Christopher Plummer's contempt for the project (he turned it down several times and loudly denounced it afterwards) bleeds through but affects the movie in surprisingly perfect ways, balancing the sweet with just enough sour. 

In short, it's one of 'Our Favorite Things'. 

Best Shots from

Chosen by the HMWYBS Club and displayed in rough chronological order. Click on the shot for its corresponding article from these 21 participants several of them first timers. Welcome!

I Want to Believe makes a great Moulin Rouge! reference

The Film Experience on falling in love with country, men and movie stars

The Spy in the Sandwich shares a fantastic personal memory

The Entertainment Junkie on the balance of power in many of the film's frames

Coco Hits NY on Julie Andrews long take splendor and the Do Re Mi sequence

Lam Chop Chop on childhood viewings and unbridled joy

Queerer Things points to the depth of emotion the enormous sets allow

Dusty Hixenbaugh on the film's impressive multi-tasking

The Film's The Thing conveys the movies superb attention to detail and capacity to surprise you after multiple viewings

A Fistful of Film wonders how Christopher Plummer wasn't nominated for this?

Awards Nazi has a great piece on Maria's thrilling and terrifying realization

Sorta That Guy loves the small moments in a big film


Video Valhalla rediscovers the stealth movie within this one -- the one starring the Baroness

Running Reel watches the movie for the first time! 

Operation Kino used to fast forward this part. No longer!

Dancin Dan loves the heart shape created by this unlikely pair

Paul Outlaw wonders what exactly miserable and wicked Maria did in her youth?

Film Actually also went for the romance Von Trapp

CineMunch on tearing the film's innocence to shreds

Antagony & Ecstasy on how the Favorite Thingsyness gives way to the Nazism

 Unbreakable Janet V has a fun anecdote about the nuns


Please to enjoy all those articles. I plan to!

NEXT TUESDAY: Paris is Burning (available on Netflix Instant Watch) our first documentary in the series -- it's only 71 minutes long and it's a landmark film in LGBT cinema history. Perfect deep research for the new season of RuPaul's Drag Race.


Introducing... Fraulein Maria

Season 6 of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" Begins!

The original premise of the Best Shot series was a short essay on ONE screen capture from a film, "best" being in the eye of the beholder, and thus the fascination since movies are communal but we see them individually. Everyone cheats with multiple shots and full movie reviews -  I'm the worst ! -- so In an altogether herculean effort to pare it back to the premise (*he begins to sweat*) I will only allow myself two screenshots today and one topic (gulp). For my sanity I've restricted myself to the film's first half, pre-intermission. We can always write about The Sound of Music again. 

Let's talk about the act of opening your heart up wide to fall in love, with all the risks that that entails... such as loving a movie that sophisticated cinephiles are not supposed to love, and loving a stranger who you don't yet understand. [More...]

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...and we'll sing once more.


Lady Gaga Isn't the Only One Who Loves "The Sound of Music"

Be here a week from tomorrow for the season premiere of Hit Me With Your Best Shot when we look at the classic Julie Andrews... or, rather, the classic Julie Andrews in between her other classics. the one where she spins on a mountain top (though hopefully not everyone picks that opening scene)

If you've never played before it's easy. You 1) post your favorite shot from the movie somewhere. 2) Say why you chose it. 3) We link up. Here's the March schedule for the series every Tuesday night!

And dont forget to "like" TFE on facebook and sign up for our weekly newsletter which will start next week. Don't vanish post-Oscar because we do this all year round: lovin on the actresses, investigating the directors, and having fun with cinephilia.

After the jump excerpts from Lady Gaga's performance and fun tweets about it.

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