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Why No One Can Win "Best Picture" This Year

"I really don't see any of these movies as Best Picture Oscar material. "Roma" is the most artsy.
"Green Book" the most satisfying. "The Favourite" lost me with that WTF ending." -Jaragon

"All I know is there are at least 3 plausible outcomes for BP this year, and that's pretty unusual. I won't be surprised if Roma, Green Book, or Blackkklansman take it. " - Rob

"A foreign language film winning BP is weirdo, but everything is going to be weirdo this year." - Fabio

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Rachel Weisz

Toni Collette (Hereditary)
Nadine Labaki (Capernaum)
Mamoru Hosoda (Mirai)
Glenn Close (The Wife)
Hirokazu Koreeda (Shoplifters)

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Film Bitch Awards: Casting, Ensemble, Breakthrough, Young Actors

by Nathaniel R

We're still hoping to have the Film Bitch Awards wrapped up before Oscar night. Tonight, the remaining "extra" acting categories. We've already shared the Best Cameo performances so here's four more prizes to discuss and consider. Please do share your own favourites in these categories, too.

Some might argue that these categories go hand in hand (the way others object to the notion of Picture/Director splits) but we think of them as two different though highly complimentary accomplishments...

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January. It's a Wrap

Only one month of the film year left to go - haha. We all know the film year doesn't end until Oscar night, right? But we have technically begun another calendar year and we're already 1/12th done with it. We were reminded not by the calendar but by Murtada and Abe's Sundance coverage which is nearing completion. And the end of Sundance always means the end of January.

Herewith highlights we don't want you to have missed...

10 Reasons to Stream Support the Girls -Ilich's funny ode to this great indie
Say a Prayer for Serenity - Jason's must-read review of a future camp classic
Toni Collette: The Interview - Nathaniel talks to the great actor about her iconic performances and her feelings about grief and horror
Soundtracking: Best of 2018 - Chris surveys the best recent musical movie moments
Podcast Special - Murtada and Nathaniel answer reader questions
Mary Poppins vs Mary Poppins Returns - Lynn compares their ensemble of kooks
A Simple Favor's Design - Mark's ode to the very best of 2018's contemporary costuming
Ben Foster: The Interview - The Leave No Trace star is in a good life & career place
Months of Meryl: The Epilogue - Matt & John wrap up their year-long Streep series with a 10 best list
Film Bitch Visual Awards - the 12 most beautifully shot movies of the year, plus other eye candy

Most Discussed Articles

7th Annual Team Experience Awards - The Favourite wins big
Post Nomination Eulogies - odes to the Oscar-snubbed 
• Glenn Close Is Not Going To Be Ignored - Murtada on the actress's emotional Globe speech
Kevin Hart and a Crisis Of Oscar's Own Making - Nathaniel has words for The Academy (and Ellen)
Was 1993 the best "Best Supporting Actor" linup ever?- Ben looks back
12 Things we learned from the Oscar nomination - RT scores didn't matter, Alfonso Cuarón's precursor acceptances definitely did...

Hiccup is all grown up! COMING IN FEBRUARY
Oscar night obviously. But until then, a handful of new interviews with filmmakers and actors, the completion of the Film Bitch Awards as we wrap up the year in film coverage, favourite screen kisses, favourite acceptance speeches, the 25th anniversary of Reality Bites, the Berlinale, the return of the Supporting Actress Smackdown, and new releases like Birds of Passage, Alita Battle Angel, and How to Train Your Dragon 3

Any requests as we near Hollywood's High Holy Night?


December - It's a wrap!

BE SAFE OUT THERE TONIGHT. PARTY RESPONSIBLY! New Year's Eve is legit your host's least favourite holiday so I'm just going to curl up with screeners and comfort food and call it a month... er, year! Of course the film year, for our specific purposes, still rages on until the Oscars are handed out. Here are some highlights from the month that was here at the site ...

Fav Line Readings "I am your MOTHER" "Oh no... he died." etcetera
A Star is Born Hits $200 Million appropriate ways to celebrate
What's Eating Gilbert Grape aging well 25 years on
While You Were Sleeping yes, it should be a holiday perennial
An Unfortunate Julia Roberts Headline... though she'd probably laugh
Boy Erased unfortunately quite relatable
Chris Feil's Top 20 List with a video montage!
Toni Collette loves Roma also talks about her bold acting choices
Into the Spider-Verse  the best Spidey movie in ages
Best 2018 Dance Sequences Suspiria, Mary Poppins Returns, more...
Months of Meryl: The Post - the last regular episode of this year long journey!

Most Discussed
Our chat with Glenn Close she's very honored by the tributes
Best Actress winners in bad movies an opinionated list
"Worst" of the Year Ready Player One, Beautiful Boy, and more...
SAG Nominations / Ensemble Expose what a strange year for SAG
Globe Nominations 

COMING IN JANUARY: Anne Hathaway in Serenity, M Night Shyamalan's double-sequel Glass, lots of Golden Globe partying, the Sundance Film Festival, the 75th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat, more celebrity interviews, and of course the Oscar Nominations themselves.


Our Favorite Line Readings of 2018

Every day a new Year in Review round-up as we joyfully bid 2018 adieu...

For today's entry we asked Team Experience and a few of our friends to share their favorite line reading of the year. No one was assigned anything so these are direct from our faces to your faces. Yes, Toni Collette's towering work in Hereditary is on our minds lately. Remember that gem? 

And all I get back is that fucking face on your face."

Or these:

I am your MOTHER." 

I did everything they told me not to do, but it didn't work. I'm happy it didn't work.

So, that was my mom’s life.

God she's extraordinary in that new horror classic, isn't she?

Okay, ready for more actorly gems as actors elevating specific lines or sometimes whole films. Here we go...

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Thirst Trap Party. 13 Sexy Movie Men

Each day a new 'year in review' party. Well, today you get two. Here's a bonus list from the team...  

Tonight, Team Experience (and a few friends of ours from elsewhere) drool on our favorite thrist traps. The entries aren't ordered since we just asked people to choose which man they wanted to cover from a preliminary list of notable big screen men of 2018 with "write-in" choices welcomed.

We should probably note that the most popular choice, and in fact the only choice several different people asked for, was Steven Yeun from Burning  so apparently that multilingual yawn and general air of mystery/superiority really did it for everyone. Curiously no one chose Henry Golding but given his barrier-breaking double duty in both Crazy Rich Asians and A Simple Favor, we dedicate this list to him.

Let's take the men in random order. Y'all ready for this?

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