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9 Foreign Film Finalists

"Cheering for BODY AND SOUL or LOVELESS for the win. - Travis

"My two favorites, BPM and Summer '93, were left out so now I'm rooting for Chile's A FANTASTIC WOMAN all the way." - Peggy Sue

"THE WOULD... I'm ecstatic its profile has been given this boost." -Goran

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new Claes Bang Actor
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(Denmark's Oscar Submission)
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January. It's a Wrap.

Busy month. As Januarys always are. Between the Oscar nominations, the Golden Globes, the SAG awards, the campaigns raging, and the world collapsing, it's been quite a month. In case your visits were spotty here are 15 highlights you might have missed...

What if Miranda Priestley styled the Vanity Fair covers?

8 Must Reads
Miss Orange County we pfinally started a Pfeiffer retrospective series. Have you been reading?
Interview: Denis Villeneuve the Oscar nominee talks about the shape of Arrival
Three Fittings: La La Land simplicity rules but the costume design isnt simplistic
Doc Corner Glenn on the Oscar nominated feature list
We Can't Wait our 17 most anticipated films of 2017
The Furniture tackled the tackiness of legendary bad movie The Oscar (1966)
Lunchtime Poll What cartoon should come with a trigger warning?
Film Bitch Awards I trust you've been following along?
Kissing Andrew Garfield would it make you feel better? 

7 Most Discussed
Devil Wears Prada musical? They're taking it to the stage
Vanity Fair Hollywood Cover -Annie Liebovitz attacks
Isabelle Huppert & Other French Icons - César vs. Oscar in the stats
Oscar Snubs This Season Annette Bening, Sing Street, Cameraperson, etc
8 Big Takeaway of Oscar Nominations - untrustworthy buzz, Michael Shannon, etc
Team Experience Awards - Moonlight, Zootopia, Jackie and more win prizes
Nathaniel's Top Ten List -20th Century Women, The Witch, Arrival and more...

Coming in February
The Supporting Actress Smackdown for 2016, a Laura Dern celebration for her 50th birthday, lots of Oscar madness, a look back at Grease 2, favorite kisses for Valentines Day, 50 Shades Darker, and more.


Best of Year: Nathaniel's Top Ten

We've reached the end of our Year in Review List Making if not the end of the year in review list making -- wait wha?!. Which is to say that we still have our own awards nominations (both Oscar and fun extras) in some 40 categories to come. That's right. It's time for the annual Film Bitch Award Nominations -- our 17th annual prizes (gulp) -- which begin with the age-old tradition of the top ten list.

But first...


If The Salesman borrows too liberally from Asghar Farhadi's masterpiece A Separation so be it (let's face it -- all the great auteurs steal from themselves. This is how we recognize their films). It's a riveting drama exposed by destabilizing cracks in the foundations.

Sing Street was the year's most rewarding nostalgia piece causing flashbacks of teenage identity experiments and that usually short lived  'i could be a pop star!' phase. And what a fantastically fresh cast.

Viggo Mortensen's uniquely out of place and time persona (think about it: he could be from any country or era) is a huge boon to the thought-provoking Captain Fantastic. Writer/director Matt Ross harnesses Viggo's energy for a head-first sprint into the woods of non-conformity but those idealogical woods thin out and soon enough we're face-to-face with reality.

The Fits' unique character as something of a mystical movement film had us levitating. Its hard-to-pin-down allegory wasn't so much tentative and amorphous as thrillingly ambiguous...

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ICYMI Year in Review

We'll finish up our Year in Review lists with Nathaniel's Top Ten List (and with it the daily Film Bitch Award Nominations in all Oscar-like and beyond categories) in the next couple of days but until then, please catch up with all the lists we've already made celebrating this amazing film year while the Academy starts filling out their ballots (today's the day). 

Surely you missed one of these lists or forgot to share your favorite on social media (hint hint *shameless* plug plug)

Movie Cats of the Year 
From The Legend of Tarzan's nuzzling pride on to Isabelle Huppert's pussies.

Grief and Letting Go 
Kubo and the Two Strings, Manchester by the Sea and more dealt with losing parents...

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2016's Box Office Scorecard. Big & Minor Hits (Some Flops due to Budget)

Each day for the past two weeks we've been looking back on the year that was from different angles. Today, the biggest hits of 2016 in two different categories (franchise vs original).

It will surprise no one that the year's biggest hits continue to prove Hollywood right (sigh) in pursuing nothing but animated and superhero pictures and franchisable intellectual property and neglecting the nurturing of movies for adults. On the bright side quality pictures do occassionally break through audience resistance to original concepts and voices, often with the help of awards at year's end. So next time you hear people complain about awards season, remind them that we might never get movies made for adults if there weren't shiny gold statues to chase.

How many of these 35 pictures have you seen and which will you hit next? 

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Last Gawk at the Hunks of the Year

Year in Review continues...

We're attacking 2016 from multiple angles (with a few more categories to go so yes, we never quite fit it all into the right calendar year. Sigh). For today's topic, showbiz men and their gratuitous hunkiness. Who won our, um, "hearts" this year?

Herewith a semi-random collection of hotness.

Not Quite There but Still Sexy
We'd love to embrace Deadpool's pansexuality wholeheartedly but it's been wildly overstated by its creators and Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds. In truth the character is a straight superhero (like all the others) only with a flirtatious teasing sexual vulgarity. This is easy to spot in the otherwise funny and raunchy "holiday f***" montage when the movie reminds us that Deadpool is no catcher (gross!), ONLY a pitcher... and his girlfriend is a lot happier to experiment than he is. 

Would you take his measurements?

The Youngest Hemsworth
It was hard to even mind that the casting of The Dressmaker decided it didn't matter that Liam Hemsworth was 15 years younger than Kate Winslet though they were supposed to be the same age in the story.  What mattered was the fantasy of Tilly's perfect comeback which includes winning the most eligible or at least most delicious bachelor in town. Pity about that 3rd act twist, though. Why can't we have nice things?

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Year in Review: Red Carpet 2016

We've been attacking 2016 from multiple angles for a year in review list-frenzy. We never quite finish in time so we'll spill into the new year a bit as we do.

But let's get festive for New Year's Eve with Jose's list of the year's Best Actress at an Event looks...

If ever there was a year where beauty was needed and much welcomed in any form we could get it, it definitely was 2016. Fortunately the world of fashion did not disappoint, and we saw a return to old Hollywood glamour that certainly served as a palate cleanser from the harshness of the modern world. Floral prints, dazzling metallics and princess moments made a splash on the red carpet, while more avant garde couture remained mostly on the runway. 

The 10 best dressers, as always, were able to combine the best of both worlds.  See the full list after the jump...

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