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Mike Leigh 4 Film Retro for his 75th

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Months of Meryl: Sophie's Choice

"This is the best Streep performance ever captured on film. "That's all."" - Dorian

"I support this movie, partially because I loved the Styron novel and, along with Schindler's List, it's one of the best American movies to teach people about the holocaust. Streep is sublime in it, and it's such a great role - she gets to play Sophie before the war, during the war, after the war, etc. " - Tom

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Part Two: 70 Best Gowns of the 70th Cannes Festival

Nathaniel R delivering your very last Cannes 2017 post *sniffle* If you missed Part One, that's here featuring Andie Macdowell, Eva Longoria, Michelle Yeoh, Berenice Bejo, Juliette Binoche, Kristin Scott Thomas, Isabelle Huppert, Fan Bingbing, Monica Bellucci, Uma Thurman and more. A few of those ladies show up again in Part Two!

(Part One: 36-70 / Part Two: 1-35 is after the jump)

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On this day: Annie Hall, Hot Fuzz, Jessica Lange

On this day (April 20th) in history as it relates to showbiz...

1893 Harold Lloyd, silent comedian of excellence, born in Nebraska

1889 Adolf Hitler born. The German Führer has been played in movies by literally hundreds of actors including in recent years Robert Carlyle, Udo Keir, Noah Taylor, and Bruno Ganz. On this awful subject let's consider it a shame that Jodie Foster never made that rumored Leni Reifenstahl (Triumph of the Will) biopic she was interested in doing. That would have made an interesting less covered piece of the ever-harrowing Nazi puzzle.

1924 Oscar nominated actress Nina Foch (Executive Suite, An American in Paris, Spartacus) is born in The Netherlands. She was awesome. 

1937 Modern gay hero George Takei born in Los Angeles. Becomes famous as Lt. Sulu in the Star Trek TV series in the 60s.

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Cannes Red Carpet Lineup: Auteur Couture and Formal Turbans

More Cannes fashion madness...

MARGARET: We're back on the red carpet. bringing you the latest in movie star couture though we're a solid ten hours behind the proceedings. (And more since Nathaniel randomly selects gowns from multiple premieres)

: So glad I could sweep in at the last moment. I've been enjoying the Red Carpet you, Nathaniel, & Jose have been having over the past few weeks! And the best part of doing a Red Carpet Round up is that nobody throws you out for wearing the wrong shoes!

MARGARET: Cannes in particular always brings in a satisfying range of stylist-curated glam to nonchalant idiosyncracy. Which brings us to Agnes Varda, looking very much herself in... what would you call that ensemble?

ANNE MARIE: Varda chic? Auteur Couture? The advantage of being a living legend presented with awards from one of the most internationally acclaimed film festivals is that you can dress however the hell you want. This is pretty similar to what she wore when I saw her at AFI fest two years ago.

MARGARET: Watch that two-tone hairstyle get picked up by some trendsetting model and suddenly be all the rage among the young & hip.

ANNE MARIE: I have a theory that her hair looks like that because she was dipped in the river Seine like a French Achilles, and the only part of her that wasn't submerged was the top of her head. (This would also be a good time to announce that Agnes Varda will be the focus of next month's Women's Pictures, because we love her almost as much as Cannes does.)

MARGARET:  Now let's look at this collection of ladies bringing the color: Mindy, Sienna, Andie, and Jane. If I squint at the miniature, I can imagine each of their gowns as a fun piece of accent jewelry.


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Friday Night Links

Emmys for Chandler and Britton, please 

Don't mind me. I'm just weeping over here in the corner that my beloved Friday Night Lights is no more. The end of that 'Texas Forever' era ended the same day as a certain record breaking pop culture phenomenon but if you ask me Tammy & Coach & Riggins & Dillon were where the true magic was at. While I dab at my leaky eyeballs, enjoy these articles...

i09 remembers the time (aka screen tests) when Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Gint were embryos
IndieWire new release dates for upcoming critical contenders: Weekend (9/23), The Skin I Live In (10/14) and Melancholia (11/11) and more...
MTV Movies Chris Evans on working with Joss Whedon on The Avengers
Film Flam Flummox honos Aishwarya Rai's superior Bollywood dance skills. Now that she's pregnant she won't be doing these moves for quite a while. 

Serious Film "Line Reading Hall of Fame" you betcha
The Awl 5 secondary characters who dominate Harry Potter fan fiction (and why).
My New Plaid Pants on the Spider-Bum and other photos from The Amazing Spider-Man.  

I find it so odd that I have to defend the hotness of Andrew Garfield so much to people. Are people just blind? Is that it? Is this that Julianne Moore movie? 

Change the Thought spotlights celebrity photographer Matt Hoyle and here's a talk he gave on portraiture, idealization and concepts of beauty. It's pretty interesting. 

Off Cinema
Art of the Title Sequence investigates the nominees for "Outstanding Main Title Design". I'm rooting for Game of Thrones but I'm perplexed as to how Boardwalk Empire is eligible. Doesn't this Emmy race cover its second season?
Critical Condition Mark & Joe discuss the Emmy nominees. They funny. 

The Wrap I'm finding all this news about Glee Season 3 departures to be very odd. High School series often have problems with people graduating so EASY FIX: Stagger your cast a little bit to include freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. It's not like a story about Glee clubs needs everyone to be in the same year. Why do TV shows keep making this mistake? The solution is so simple. In other words do it like Friday Night Lights. ;) 
Cinema Blend on the Friday Night Lights finale 

Finally, check out the Rufus Wainwright Timeline a really cool interactive feature created by fans that details his whole life and career. I had totally forgotten about that "Across the Universe" video he made with Dakota Fanning. Ha. This is way better than a Wikipedia entry. (hat tip to Arjan Writes)



But soft! What link through yonder blogpost breaks?

Just Jared it's official: Aishwarya Rai, will finally pass her gorgeous genes on. She and star hubbt Abhishek Bachchan are expecting their first child.
I Need My Fix
Ian McShane joins the cast of Snow White and the Hunstmen as the leader of the dwarves. Unless they've TOTALLY changed the story, I'm confused. Isn't he contractually obligated to only play evil characters?
Jewish Journal
talks to James Franco about his new film The Broken Tower in which he plays gay poet Hart Crane. Good interview.
The Wrap interviews John Slattery on his fascinating Mad Men character Roger Sterling. Can he finally win the Emmy this year?
La Daily Musto [NSFW] claims these are Burt Lancaster nudes unveiled but it's hard to trust any nude photos in the age of photoshop.
Playbill Angela Bassett coming to Broadway with Samuel L Jackson for Mountaintop.

Booth & Steinfeld (maybe they're going for a brother/sister vibe this time?)Finally... In case you haven't heard it's contractual by law that every generation get their own Romeo and Juliet. Or thereabouts. There was kind of a big gap between Franco Zeffirelli's (1968) and Baz Luhrmann's (1996) but it's basically a perennial. Perhaps because it's Shakespeare it's never a grotesque matter of 'rebooting' so much as "hey, we haven't done that one in a while!"

Variety reports that we have our new Romeo and Juliet and it's 19 year old British actor Douglas Booth and 15 year-old Hailee Steinfeld for the new version, scripted by Julian Fellowes. If you ask me they're never going to be able to top Baz's psychovisual poetry or the doubleplusgood acting of Leo + Claire but here's a bright note: Holly Hunter as Nurse!!!


Oscar Gown Clearance Sale!

All dresses must go!! Low low prices !!!

Today is the official last day of Oscar 2010 posting (but for the mandatory podcast on Sunday) so to wrap things up, some random comments and some fashion highs and lows and why we HATE the ubiquitous fashion term "on trend" even when Tim Gunn says it.

But let's start with INDECISION: Sharon Stone, Jennifer Hudson, Marisa Tomei, Mila Kunis... should we love or hate these looks. Help.

Crazy Lady. Weight Watchers Success Story. "Sex Angel" and Dangerous Mila

Mila is giving the evil (smoky) eye in this photo. Who or what is she so pissed about? When the reporters asked JHud what color her dress was we wanted to shout out "If that's red I wanna know what's orange" but she answered tangerine orange which seems correct.

Unbest and Best after the jump. We already covered the nominees (SUPPORTING and LEAD) so they're not included.

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