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Gotham Noms- The Favourite, First Reformed, Hereditary

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new podcast! 
-colette, first man, a star is born

"Loved First Man myself and the score. "The Landing" reminds me of Michael Nyman's score for The Piano in parts.  Nice balanced talk on A Star Is Born..." - Joseph

"I liked A Star is Born well enough but when the bar is set that high by the Internet, nitpicking is going to happen. It’s the festival bubble’s fault and it happens every year." - Ryan


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Jeremiah Zagar (We the Animals)
Desiree Akhavan (Mis-education of Cameron Post)
James Ivory (career)
Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird)

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July. It's a Wrap

July was the month of Emmy nominations, Ingmar Bergman's Centennial, Mamma Mia! melodies, old and new. It was also the month I failed to convince you to watch Harlots (your loss!). Here are 16 highlights from the month as we say goodbye to July.

Almodóvar and Penelope - filming collaboration #6, Pain and Glory 
Yes No Maybe So: Aquaman - another DC tragedy or wet fun?  
The Dark Knight - a rewatch for its 10th anniversary 
Rear Window -it's still perfect; We checked. 
Best of 2018 - thus far at the halfway mark in all categories 
• Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood - Good dish or unethical or both? 

Most Discussed
Amy Adam's 3 Best - Everyone has an opinion!
Cats to become a movie - How on earth will that work? 
Months of Meryl: The Hours - Streep unravels exquisitely
Yes No Maybe So: Boy Erased - will it be one of the year's best?

Oh and 1943 was our Year of the Month
• Casablanca Quotes -Fun to hear all the different choices for "best," wasn't it?
Mattes, Moons, and Mountains -on For Whom the Bell Tolls' production design
Supporting Actress Smackdown -Katina vs Lucille vs Gladys vs Paulette vs. Anne 
Vintage '43 - Magazine covers, happenings, and box office hits
Soundtracking: Girl Crazy - Judy & Mickey & the American songbook
The Seventh Victim - a 'polite' horror movie 

New Films: Christopher Robin, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, BlackKklansman, Crazy Rich Asians, and The Happytime Murders. The podcast will return to a weekly schedule and we'll have a three part West Side Story retrospective for Leonard Bernstein's Centennial. Otherwise 1972 will be our Year of the Month and since Nathaniel has more time than usual (loss of a financially stabilizing side gig *sniffle* please donate to the site -- see sidebar!) expect a deeper dive into that particular film year. We'll start with Cabaret tomorrow! 


And now presenting the Cabaret girls...

...each and every one a wirgin. 


Life is a CABARET is life, old chums.
A three day retrospective at The Film Experience (Aug 1st-3rd)


Meet the Smackdown Panelists for 1943

by Nathaniel R 

The next "Supporting Actress Smackdown" arrives on Sunday July 29th so you have one last week to watch the movies / get your votes in! But before we get to that big event, it's time to meet this month's panel. We'll skip my introduction because you know me already but if you don't, here I am.

So without further ado, let's get to know the five panelists, most of whom are first-timers on the Smackdown!


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June. It's a Wrap!

Our birthday month is just about over 😭 but you can still wish us a happy belated by supporting The Film Experience through likes, shares, tweets, follows, newsletter subscriptions, and a donation of a cup of coffee each month to keep us well-fueled. Here's a dozen highlights you might have missed if you're not online as much in the hot months.

7 Highlights
A Repertory Renaissance New York movie theaters are killing it!
Little Big Lies Goes Bowling - but who won?
Rosemary's Baby 50th Anniversary Tag Team MiniSeries
Nanette - will it be one of the year's definitive films?
Hereditary - a new horror classic
Muriel's Wedding - A Soundtracking episode
Blueprints: Moonlight - Barry Jenkins retweeted! 

5 Most Discussed
Supporting Actress Smackdown 1994 - Helen Sinclair "don't speak!", Olive Neal "charmed charmed charmed" and Mia Wallace *dancing gesture*. Jennifer Tilly retweeted the Smackdown ♥︎
Best Actress 1994 - It was unsatisfying but didn't have to be
Nicole Kidman Questions - for the queen's birthday
All Time Fav Character Actresses? - an incomplete list
Triple Crown List-Mania - Glenda Jackson joins!

Yes No Maybe So?
• As trailers go it was an insane month. So if you haven't already sound off on the following juicy forthcoming prospects (alpha order): Beautiful Boy, Christopher RobinCreed IIDumbo, First Man, MowgliA Star is Born, Suspiria, Welcome to Marwen, and Widows !


Our year of the month will be 1943 so we'll be looking back at some of those films which is handy since it's the 75th anniversary of all of 'em. Also in July: Ant Man and the Wasp, Eighth Grade, and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Anniversaries for The Dark Knight and Hocus Pocus. Centennials for director Ingmar Bergman and screenwriter Arthur Laurents. And more. Any requests?


Three Questions for Nicole Kidman's Birthday

We went all out for Nicole Kidman's 50th birthday last year with 50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate so this year on her 51st (happy birthday diva!) we'll keep it simpler.

Answer me these questions three in the comments:


  1. What's your favorite performance of hers that isn't from her legend-making 2001-2004 run (i.e. The Others-Moulin Rouge!-The Hours-Cold Mountain-Dogville-Birth what a genius run that was!) 
  2. What single scene -- minus the opera seen in Birth --pops into your head the most when her name is invoked?
  3. What's a performance of hers that you haven't seen (she works so much you're surely missing something!) that you're most curious about?

and if you're on twitter go really crazy and do the 10 question meme



Smackdown Summer: 1994, 1943, 1972

The fall and winter months are too busy with normal Oscaring for Smackdowning but we aim to provide each summer. Did you enjoy the Smackdown of '70? If so, join the comment party and share it on your social media. 

Here's the schedule for the rest of the hot months. We hope you'll play along and vote.

June 17th "Supporting Actress Smackdown 1994"
Panelists: TBA

  • Rosemary Harris, Tom & Viv
  • Helen Mirren, The Madness of King George
  • Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction
  • Jennifer Tilly, Bullets Over Broadway
  • Dianne Wiest, Bullets Over Broadway

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