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Mary Poppins (64/18)

"I would say that Emily Blunt, Ben Whishaw and the animation sequences pretty much salvaged the sequel for me. 'I couldn't possibly, E flat major' is one of the best line readings ever. Bravo to Emily Blunt." - LadyEdith

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Ben Foster (Leave No Trace)
Nadine Labaki (Capernaum)
Mamoru Hosoda (Mirai)
Justin Hurwitz (First Man)
Glenn Close (The Wife)
Hirokazu Koreeda (Shoplifters)

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43 Days 'til Oscar

The countdown is progressing. Members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences only have 3 more days to turn in their nomination ballots. We're getting worried about a really uninspiring Supporting Actress race made up of mostly leading roles. Voters, there are so many great women that are not leads to choose from, you know? You never ever ever need to cheat and shove leading roles in there. If you love a leading lady you're supposed to vote for her in Best Actress, not Supporting.

Since 43 is the number of the day, our minds are thrown back to the Smackdown of 1943. That was so much fun and yours truly fell so hard for Paulette Godard. Your favourite series will return next month. We begin with the 2018 Smackdown in February (we're just waiting to find out who the nominees are!) and then the new season kicks off with the long delayed 1972 episode. Dates TBA. 


Mark Your Calendars!

Here's every important date (that we could find) for the remainder of awards season. It's totally here! Are you ready for it?


"How awards season treats actual supporting actors" - this joke borrowed from twitter.

10 - Makeup and Costume Design Guild Nominees + Final Oscar Predictions begin right here one chart at a time
12 - Nathaniel's Film Bitch Award nominations announcement begins
13 - Critics Choice Awards Ceremony 
14 - Oscar nomination balloting ends...

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Happy New Year! 

Welcome to 2019.

You get two New Year's Babies photos instead of one, but they're both Baby Herman so I guess we're going to embrace our Gemini spirit in 2019 since he was the first baby that popped into mind. We have high hopes for 2019 after two of the roughest years in memory. Perhaps this is wishful thinking but we're going with it! Rather than making a huge long list of Resolutions that we'll have trouble keeping, we're making just five.

New Year's Resolutions for The Film Experience

  • Have as much fun with the remainder of the 2018 film year as we possibly can -- the film year doesn't end until Best Picture is handed out, don'cha know!
  • Be more consistent like a well-oiled franchise (i.e. podcasting, weekly columns, etc)
  • Find fresh new 'cast members' / Reenergize the 'series regulars'
  • Start making use of our neglected Instagram and our neglected Newsletter so please follow
  • Celebrate YOU the readers more.

What are your resolutions for the new year? 


We Wish You a Merry Christmas 

Nathaniel in Santa dragDear Readers, you may have noticed that Team Experience is on a wee break for the holiday so the posting is a bit sparse but we'll be back with more appropriate Oscar season levels starting on Tuesday/Wednesday! Lots more interviews, reviews, and year in review madness coming your way in just a  couple of days. Hell, there will even be a little something up for the holiday tomorrow because we're terrible about staying offline even though we really should rest the eyes (SCREENS∞!!!). In the meantime if you're eager for something new to read catch up on our favorite Christmas movies, or the early stages of our year in review party, or the re-ranked Oscar charts, or any 2018 reviews you may have missed. There should be a new podcast up tonight, too!

We're so thankful for you for reading so loyally! If you're thankful for us, drop a little something in our virtual beggar's cup.

If you look at the sidebar ➡️ you'll see a subscribe option (the price of a cup of coffee a month!) or make a one time donation if you can't do monthly). XO, Nathaniel 


July. It's a Wrap

July was the month of Emmy nominations, Ingmar Bergman's Centennial, Mamma Mia! melodies, old and new. It was also the month I failed to convince you to watch Harlots (your loss!). Here are 16 highlights from the month as we say goodbye to July.

Almodóvar and Penelope - filming collaboration #6, Pain and Glory 
Yes No Maybe So: Aquaman - another DC tragedy or wet fun?  
The Dark Knight - a rewatch for its 10th anniversary 
Rear Window -it's still perfect; We checked. 
Best of 2018 - thus far at the halfway mark in all categories 
• Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood - Good dish or unethical or both? 

Most Discussed
Amy Adam's 3 Best - Everyone has an opinion!
Cats to become a movie - How on earth will that work? 
Months of Meryl: The Hours - Streep unravels exquisitely
Yes No Maybe So: Boy Erased - will it be one of the year's best?

Oh and 1943 was our Year of the Month
• Casablanca Quotes -Fun to hear all the different choices for "best," wasn't it?
Mattes, Moons, and Mountains -on For Whom the Bell Tolls' production design
Supporting Actress Smackdown -Katina vs Lucille vs Gladys vs Paulette vs. Anne 
Vintage '43 - Magazine covers, happenings, and box office hits
Soundtracking: Girl Crazy - Judy & Mickey & the American songbook
The Seventh Victim - a 'polite' horror movie 

New Films: Christopher Robin, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, BlackKklansman, Crazy Rich Asians, and The Happytime Murders. The podcast will return to a weekly schedule and we'll have a three part West Side Story retrospective for Leonard Bernstein's Centennial. Otherwise 1972 will be our Year of the Month and since Nathaniel has more time than usual (loss of a financially stabilizing side gig *sniffle* please donate to the site -- see sidebar!) expect a deeper dive into that particular film year. We'll start with Cabaret tomorrow! 


And now presenting the Cabaret girls...

...each and every one a wirgin. 


Life is a CABARET is life, old chums.
A three day retrospective at The Film Experience (Aug 1st-3rd)