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"He should've totally won the Oscar for his sensitive and subtle turn in Ulee's Gold" - Claran

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Critics Choice Movie Awards Live Blog

by Nathaniel R

7:30 It took me 15 minutes to find a live stream but I unfortunately found it just in time to see a frankly hideous video mix which used this strange early photoshop spotlight effect on movie clips so the actors were lit up and everything else was blacked out. Taye Diggs was introduced as a 'chocolatey heartthrob'. He launched into a musical performance which was........ ........   ........... ........ .........Yes, Taye Diggs is very handsome!

7:32 Lady Gaga wins Best Song for "Shallow". Who knew Peter Farrelly was such a fan, giving her a standing ovation. She thanks Bradley Cooper profusely and smartly talks about his transformation into Jackson Maine (we need people to talk about this amazing performance.  "I was mesmerized both for myself and my character" Wait, they're different people? Kidding.

7:38 Best Young Actor or Actress goes to Elsie Fisher with reaction shots from Thomasin McKenzie and Amandla Stenberg, who both seem unfussed about losing, already pros they are.

As someone who has anxiety, it's exciting to be on this stage right now.

Tee hee. Sadly, though Elsie throws up a peace hand sign, she doesn't say "Gucci" but 'Peace and love, y'all'...

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Austin moves to "Beale St." and AWFJ loves "Roma"

by Nathaniel R

How many critics groups are left? We honestly lose track!

Today we're looking at two more. First is the Austin Film Critics Association who were the only group brave enough in 2006 to step away from Helen Mirren's inexplicable steamroll for The Queen in a Best Actress year that was insane with great options (their iconoclastic choice that year: Ellen Page in Hard Candy). This year though they haven't strayed very far from consensus except that they gave Roma only one prize (!).

The Alliance of Women Film Journalists also announced their prizes which are an exact carbon copy, down the line, of critical consensus leaders, so it's a good thing they have several unusual categories, too. Here are the results...

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Dorian Awards Favor 'The Favourite'

by Murtada Elfadl

The Favourite lived up to its title with GALECA’s Dorian Award voters, who named the audacious historical romp Film of the Year and bestowed its star, Olivia Colman, with the Film Performance of the Year—Actress tiara for her funny and heartbreaking turn as Queen Anne. Two results that we suspect will be popular with The Film Experience community. The movie talso scored Screenplay of the Year honors for Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara.

However for the three other acting awards for film, The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics followed the critical consensus. Ethan Hawke in First Reformed, Regina King in If Beale Street Could Talk and Richard E Grant in Can You Ever Forgive Me?, added another award to their heavy mantles. Roma and Alfonso Cuaron continued their dominance of the critics awards by winning Foreign Language Film of the Year and Best Director.

GALECA’s unique categories made space for films that have not been recognized widely...

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National Society of Film Critics Chooses "The Rider"

by Nathaniel R

The televised awards shows are about to take over but before they do, the NSFC has had their say. They're always the last major critics group to chime in, and unlike the other two members of the critical trinity (LAFCA & NYFCC) they have not chosen Roma. Instead that honor went to Chloe Zhao's rodeo injuries drama The Rider. I recently caught up with this arthouse sleeper hit and though I found it gorgeous and moving, it struck me as a bit modest in its artistic goals, or at least a touch repetitive about achieving them. So to each their own as far as "very best" goes but it's the kind of film that deserves to find ardent fans so it's wonderful that critics have gone to bat for it here and there. It's had such a long run; the film was actually an Indie Spirit nominee in 2017 due to its festival premieres so it's been kicking around with awards for an entire year now!

The full list of NSFC winners and a few more comments after the jump...

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More Critics Prizes Roll In...

Chris here, with some goodness from more regional critics' groups. It's always fascinating to see what pockets of passion occur throughout the countries various critics' groups, even in a year such as this that appears to be largely dominated by a handful of films. This year's key films in that regard have been Roma and The Favourite, both recognized by two more groups in this roundup...

But first is a group that departed that Best Picture consensus, and wouldn't you know that yours truly also belongs to this group. I'm one of the 25ish members of the Columbus Film Critics Association (formerly titled Central Ohio... under the same acronym) and we've just announced If Beale Street Could Talk as 2018's best! Humblebrag: my personal best film of the year has won both years of my voting.

Here are the COFCA winners in addition to wins from critics in Houston and North Carolina...

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GALECA Favours "The Favourite" as Nomination Leader

by Nathaniel R

The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Journalists have announced their official nominations for 2018. It's GALECA's 10th year as an organization making this an anniversary year. As ever, full disclosure on such things, a few of our contributors here at TFE are members of this organization with encompasses over 200 journalists from the UK, US, Australia, and Canada. The all time most-awarded films by GALECA were Carol (2015) and Moonlight (2016) so that's a good track record. The Favourite leads the movie nomination this year while Pose led the TV side.

Recently the Online Film Critics Society had a slate that also favored The Favourite but the Yorgos Lanthimos pitch-black comedy emerged with nothing when the actual winners were selected. It kinda makes you think. Could The Favourite also lead the Oscar nominations but lose everything? 

After the jump the full list of nominees with quick commentary...

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