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How had i never seen... Enter the Dragon

"A action movie classic" - Jaragon

"Honestly, I saw Kentucky Fried Movie -- which ends with a long parody of this film -- about 5-10 years before I got around to seeing Enter the Dragon itself. I remember so much more about [the former]". -James

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2019 Critics Choice Documentary Award Nominations

By Glenn Dunks

they shall not grow old

We do a good job here covering documentaries. Especially since I have a 9 to 5-Monday to Friday day job. But we cover, I want to say, somewhere between 50 and 80 films a year in Doc Corner. I only say this to preface the news of the 2019 Critics Choice Documentary Awards because my gosh there are still just so many we do not or can not (or will not) get to. There are an estimated 300+ docs released every year. That is, to put it mildly, quite a lot.

Which brings us to their nominees for 2019. The list features many that we have already covered, more that we plan to upon their theatrical release or as we get deeper into the season, and even some that we do not want to review. Leading the pack with six nominations are Apollo 11, The Biggest Little Farm (more good news this week for Parasite distributor NEON) and Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old (which some would consider a 2018 release).

Read on the see the nominations in full...

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European Film Awards - Voting Now Open

by Nathaniel R

The Favourite may have lost most of its Oscar nominations but it can still win some EFAs!

The 32nd annual European Film Awards are happening this December 7th in Berlin. Voting for the People's Choice prize is now open. And -- "gay rights!"-- The Favourite still probably has another award ceremony to get through. Due to the EFA's non-calendar year eligibility as well as the complications of release patterns in multiple countries and the EFA's non-fussiness about dates you'll find that the people's choice options are a very strange mix this year from THREE calendar years worth of movies (2017-2019). 

After the jump, that odd group as well as two longlists (to give you festival prioritizing help) before the nominations are announced in early November...

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Nobody goes to the movies on Labor Day, do they?

In retrospect it was probably a bad idea to make a movie called Labor Day (remember that 2013 Kate Winslet misfire?) since Labor Day weekend is one of those rare holidays where people mostly avoid the movies. Essentially it's the last "outdoor" weekend, and it's no longer hot enough to pine away for air conditioned storytelling. At any rate here is the quickie chart for the weekend. Were you an iconoclast who did go to the movies this weekend or were you thwarted by Hollywood's lack of desire to program anything between franchise blockbusters. Seriously this year feels like they're not even trying -- thank god awards season might rescue us...

Weekend Box Office Estimates
August 30th- September 1st Estimates
🔺 = New or Expanding / ★ = Recommended
Good Boys Brittany Runs a Marathon
1 Angel Has Fallen  $11.5 (cum. $40.6)
1 🔺 Tod@s Caen $1 on 371 screens *new*
2 Good Boys $9.1 (cum. $56.1)  REVIEW  ★
2 🔺 After the Wedding $445k on 428 screens (cum. $862k)  REVIEW
3 The Lion King  $6.7 (cum. $520.9)   REVIEW 
3 🔺 Brittany Runs a Marathon $414k on 49 screens (cum. $637k)

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Doc Corner: 'Honeyland'

By Glenn Dunks

You know a movie is going to give you something when within the first two minutes, it makes you bolt upright and exclaim “Oh wow!” to an empty room. The eyes pop and the eyebrows raise as you marvel at the sheer unexpectedness of what is on screen. In Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov’s Honeyland, the image in question is that of an aging beekeeper straddling precariously along a cliff-face to a hive hidden among the rocks. Surrounded by grey and brown, Hatidze Mutatova (who I assume is in her 50s?) reveals a wedge of golden honeycomb. The gold in the rocks.

It’s a startling way to open a film from a purely logistical standpoint. It’s also a visual that really clues the viewer into its subject's tenacity and sheer force of nature abilities as a cultivator and protector of bees – an animal, after all, that is vital to the existence on Earth of everyone from those of us in major metropolises to those, like Hatidze, in isolated, wind-swept, mountainous regions of Macedonia...

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