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BUG - 10th Anniversary 

"Ashley Judd is really great here. Pity she didn't encounter the meatier roles she deserved" - Mirko

"As a horror fan, I loved its slow-burn paranoia and found the whole thing quite terrifying." - Robert


James Ivory (Maurice) 4K Restoraton!
Betty Buckley (Split)

Melissa Leo (Most Hated Woman in America)
Ritesh Batra (Sense of an Ending)

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Entries in Tangled (12)


Mt Linkmore

THR Shin Godzilla wins really big at the Japanese Oscars while massive anime hit Your Name takes 3 prizes. A film called Her Love Boils Bathwater (????) took both of the actress awards. Gimme.
TFE ... ICYMI Shin Godzilla came in at #18 at the US box office in terms of foreign film success last year (just behind critical darlings The Handmaiden and Elle)
Two Dollar Cinema had a fun blog-a-thon called 'Mt Rushmore of Movies' in which bloggers could just any fourpart tribute - I only hear about blog-a-thons after the fact but I'm happy some people are still doing 'em. Entries include: four characters with great beards, best movie cameos, movies where romantic leads don't end up together, and more

Much more film & TV news, videos, and linkage as well as Barry Jenkins & Damien Chazelle's friendship after the jump because this is a super long post. It's impossible to keep up as of late!

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Curio: Heather Theurer's Disney heroines

Alexa here with your weekly art post.  This past weekend was another big win for Disney; clearly the public at large did not have the same trouble talking the family into seeing Maleficient as I did (my daughter didn't want to see that movie about the "scary fairy").  From the trailer I was entranced by the look of it, but I'll have to wait. Reading about the painterly, Pre-Raphaelite stylings of the film reminded me of Heather Theurer. Theurer is a painter who has done a series of oils of Disney heroines, transforming them with a realism akin to the Pre-Raphaelites.  

So far she has completed Cinderella, Mulan, Rapunzel, Lilo, and Merida...

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Wet Willy (via Pascal)


Disney Princesses as Fashionistas

Remember those Disney Princes in their underwear a few years back? Online illustration trends never don't involve the Disney stable of instantly recognizable characters. Now artist Danté Tyler has envisioned eight of the Princesses as Vogue cover models.

Here is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

Love that one eye is pink and the other blue, and it doesn't hurt that her shoulders are as sharp as the spindle on a spinning wheel.

Belle and Ariel after the jump...

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My New Desktop Wallpaper

I ♥ Pascal.


"Tangled" Contest Winner

Congratulations to Christopher in Los Angeles who is the winner of the Tangled Blu-Ray contest. I pulled the winner randomly from your entries but read all of them so that I could LOL at your answers to "Which movie characters hair would you most like to braid?" It was the girliest question I have ever asked on this blog and maybe even in my life. Which is [ahem] saying a lot.

As for Christopher, he said.

I would like to braid Ariel's hair. I had a mad crush on her as a kid. Must be because she was the only Disney princess wearing a bikini.

Those specialty bikinis always do it, don't they? Think of what a formative experience Princess Leia's gold bikini was to boys in the early 80s.

I thought I'd share two more entries that particularly amused me. These are from Evan and Matthew who said respectively.

Shelby Eatenton from "Steel Magnolias." Why? Because clearly, I'd be braiding her hair at Truvy's shop, which would mean I'd get to hang out with five of the sassiest women of all cinematic time.

I think I'd pick Clementine's from "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" -- all the different hair colors she has! A magical rainbow braid.

Thanks to all who entered and voted on the poll of which animated films I should write up next. Coming up this month: The Rescuers and Beauty and The Beast as per your votes.


"Tangled" Giveaway

Quickie contest. THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED FOR ENTRIES BUT YOU CAN STILL VOTE ON THE POLL BELOW. As you may already know the Tangled Blu-Ray DVD comes out tomorrow. I have one Blu-Ray copy to give away to a lucky reader in the US or Canada. Plus an undetermined bonus prize.



you entry should contain the following.

  1. "Tangled DVD" in subject line.
  2. Your name & mailing address (The winner's address goes to Disney so they can ship your prize but otherwise they're totes private.)
  3. Name the movie character's hair you'd most like to braid and why. It's the girliest question ever but Rapunzel would approve! [Warning: I may quote a collection of these answers right here.]
  4. Name anything at all that you learned from the "talent discovery" section of the widget above.

And just so everyone is a winner, please vote on the following poll. The winning films will be written up right here at the Film Experience in April. I've left out films I've extensively written about previously and a few others to make this manageable and randomly paired older with newer. I'll write about the winning pair (probably not together) next month.




Jagged Linky Pill

Grrrrrr. I'm totally not speaking to Critical Condition and Low Resolution right now because they did not include me in their awesome trip back through every track of Alanis Morrissette's "Jagged Little Pill" for its 15th anniversary. I'm going to write a list song about all the reasons I'm mad at Mark and Joe and then I'm going to screech it out unintelligibly over massive pop hooks and sell 14 million copies. I won't share a damn cent with them. They oughta know.

Under Link Swept
Ewan McGregor being incredibly adorable with a puppy
For The Record is another theater event for movie fans in Los Angeles. It's a concert evening celebrating the music of Baz Luhrmann's films with a rotating cast from stage, tv, and screen. Sounds great. Between this and Streep Tease I so need a plane ticket right about now.
My new Plaid Pants loves Takashi Miike's 13 Assassins. I kinda wanna see it but I'm nervous about the intense violence. Audition was a little much for my girlish constitution... I nearly passed out.

Basket of Kisses
checks in with the Mad Men cast during this agonizing wait for ANY news of a Season 5.
Vulture Billy Crystal will maybe possibly he'll think about it host the Oscars again if they have less statues handed out. F*** you Billy. I like seeing Costume Designer and Art Directors and all the rest win. Seriously, F*** you.
Socialite's Life
Sandra Bullock is looking kind of deglam on the set of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
Kenneth in the (212) starts a funny rumor about Bradley Cooper.
Cinema Blend has some drawings of Mother Gothel before she morphed into the Mother Gothel we know from Tangled which comes to DVD/Blu-Ray real soon.

That's a wee sample. We trust you'll remember that we're happy with the Gothel we got.

Blogs of Entanglement
The Guardian does some frightening though highly plausible thinking about end game of the new world order of film journalism (i.e. fannish blogging).
Pajiba, in light of last week's Tech Crunch vs. Cinematical scandal, pats itself on the back for not playing the PR game. See I'm not the only one navel gazing this week about how I blog! Must be something in the air.

For the record I've never been told by anyone to tone it down -- though I do get the rare nasty e-mail from people in the biz about certain comments I have made about certain actors and actresses -- but I kind of wish the studios were giving me money so that I could theoretically be asked to tone it down. I'd welcome an ethical challenge for money. ;)

 Supposed Former Celebrity Junkie
PopEater has a really interesting piece from Jo Piazza's CELEBENOMICS on Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan's mutual disintegration and why Charlie Sheen seems to be benefitting from his downfall financially whilst Lohan's fortunes and fandom continue to dwindle.

She theorizes that it's about branding and embracing of your flaws, or... "Make your mess your message." Good read but I still think the way these things usually play out this way is basic cultural sexism. Think for a minute how many anti-heroes the culture embraces to the point of total amoral adulation (Hi the entire gangster movie genre!) and then try to think of how many criminal women are similarly adored / emulated. Another thing that's totally not discussed is their respective talent. Lohan's self-immolation is SO much more depressing because to get where she's, uh, not, now, she had to cast aside real movie star presence (super hard to come by else every working actor would have it) and acting chops. Why shouldn't Sheen embrace his mess as a message? What else has he got? It's not like he was ever that magnetic on the big screen or particular genius at small screen comedy despite earning gazillions from those laugh tracks on Two and Half Men.

You Oughta See
My god. I keep forgetting to share this. You've probably seen it by now...

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.


I think the best thing about it is how it trusts the audience to infer some of the titles, since the openings are so iconic. Like that flash insert of Rosie Perez shakin' her thang for Do The Right Thing or all those snippets of credits that are just names rather than the title itself. It's a beauty, huh? If I could ever figure out how to rip DVDs in a simple way (last time I asked it seemed to involve about 5 different programs for one task) without spending a fortune I would make such great edits. I know it must be much simpler than I understand since everyone and their dog does it, some with natural talent like this, others with expensive software but less artistry.