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Supporting Actress Smackdown of 1960
Shirley x 2, Janet, Mary, and Glynis. Who gets your vote?

"Janet Leigh should've won, but I feel like the fact that she was even nominated for that movie might've been a victory in itself." - Philip H.

"How great is it considering this was 59 years ago that three of these ladies are still with us and the two Shirleys are working on a semi regular basis." - Joel6 

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Entries in Yes No Maybe So (291)


Yes No Maybe So: Knives Out

by Ben Miller

Director Rian Johnson can do what he wants these days.  After helming a Star Wars movie, directors have the cache to explore different realms of entertainment.  Johnson decided to go with Knives Out, an original story inspired by Agatha Christie murder mysteries.  Let’s break it down with our Yes, No, Maybe So™ system...

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Yes No Maybe So: "The Goldfinch"

by Ilich Mejía

Before you ask, five times. Five times I've tried to get past the first half of this book. Five times I've had to put it down to rewatch that one extra-good episode Bojack Horseman drops every season and then forgotten to pick it back up. To seem cultured, I will lie and say I was in the middle of a sixth try when the trailer for the movie dropped. Naturally, I've neglected to pick it back up since because I've been busy picking the trailer apart to decide how I feel about it. Join me in deciding, fellow philistines!

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Yes No Maybe So: Terminator Dark Fate

by Jason Adams

The longest time to pass between Terminator movies was twelve years, from James Cameron's action masterpiece T2 in 1991 to Jonathan Mostow's shoddy Rise of the Machines in 2003. Since then, even though they continually struggle to find and resituate their stories and main characters, it's been five to six years from film to film, taking us from Salvation to Genisys and to now, as of this fall, we'll have Dark Fate. Which, it must be said, finally brings the great Linda Hamilton and her iconic Sarah Connor character back for the first time since 1991.

Today they've just released the first fairly loaded teaser trailer for the film -- so let's take a look...

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Yes No Maybe So: "Downton Abbey"

Welcome to Downton Abbey

The new trailer for Downton Abbey has arrived. Or two new trailers. Or perhaps one of them is older... well, we lose track these days as films have so many promos and so many versions of each trailer. At any rate it's officially time to get excited about the big screen union of everyone's favourite early 20th century posh costume drama. Let's do the Yes No Maybe So thing after the jump...

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Yes No Maybe So: "Gemini Man"

by Eurocheese

Let's do a Yes No Maybe So on a strangely under the radar film (given the names involved). When Nathaniel put out the call for more trailer coverage, I though I'd give the Gemini Man trailer a second look because honestly, when I saw the trailer in theaters I was completely confused. This is not what I expected as a next step for either Ang Lee or Will Smith, two names none of us might have ever thought to link. If I had predicted them working together, I would not have pictured a somber sci-fi action film. 

The YNMS breakdown is after the jump... 

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Yes, No, Maybe So: "Sonic the Hedgehog"

by Tony Ruggio

One of these days big Hollywood will get a video-game adaptation right. Judging from Sonic’s teaser trailer, one that has sent Twitter into a frothing hate-frenzy and earned more dislikes than likes on Youtube, November 8, 2019 will not be that day. I don’t know a thing about the Sonic the Hedgehog games though I vaguely remember playing them once or twice as a child. Until this week I had no idea the character had a discernible fanbase. That being said, there’s something oddly intriguing about a project so ill-advised.

Let's do the Yes, No, or Maybe So treatment after the jump...

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