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Who's That Girl? Annie Funke!

"I found her riveting in A Most Violent Year, I'm so glad other people noticed and that she's building a nice career for herself.."- Steven 

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Mad Men @ the Movies: The Age of Aquarius

Hi all, this is Deborah filling in for Nathaniel for our mutual favorite TV show. It figures that while I'm filling in there are no explicit movie references. However, I think I can keep you engaged with some juicy Broadway and implicit movie references.

Linda Cardellini guest stars on Mad Men

Episode 6.03, The Collaborators, is directed by Jon Hamm to dirty perfection. Make no mistake, this is a very dirty episode, concerned with adultery, broken promises, and things not being what they seem. 

We open with a party at the Campbell home; Pete is offering tickets to "Hair" to two neighbors. It’s a flirtatious conversation, Pete tells the ladies that hair is full of drugs, foul language, and “simulated sex acts.” Flirting is not the subtle art of yore in 1968, we say “sex acts” right out in public! (Spoilers ahead.)

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Jurassic Memory (Feat. Tilda Swinton)

What did you see over the weekend? Sadly I didn't catch a movie (a rarity!) outside of festival screeners. I know you're probably over Jurassic Park (1993) which we discussed last week at length. I mean it's 20 years old plus fading in its second weekend of rerelease, but I have one more Jurassic Memory to share if you'll indulge me.

You may have noticed that I didn't announce my "Best Shot" so I thought I'd draw you a little Movie Diary in order to do so. Better late than never. I bet you're dying to know how Tilda Swinton's Orlando fits into a Jurassic Park comic


Secret Messages: Map

This was almost a first and last (this is also a movie's first shot) but instead it's a secret message.

Who marked that map up? But more importantly why is it secret? The correct answer is seven words long. 

Second clue: The camera pans left and will eventually reveal the protagonist.


Reader Spotlight: Lucio in Argentina

We're getting to know The Film Experience community. Today we're talking to Lucio in Argentina.

When did you start reading TFE?

LUCIO: I started reading in early 2004 after I began to get crazy about the Academy Awards, so I looked up for some sites in order to help me to predict them. I remember reading about the Shohreh vs. Renée battle here. I was glad when Renée finally won the Oscar but my relationship with the website became closer over the years. 

Your three favorite actresses

LUCIO: Meryl Streep: She can do anything, no matter what. Kate Winslet: she is a great dramatic actress. Made me cry in The Reader, smile in Eternal Sunshine and think in Revolutionary Road; Nicole Kidman: The Hours… probably the Best Performance by an Actress in History. “Always the years between us, always the love…always the hours”. Brilliant!

How often do you go to the movies?

I try to watch every single nominated movie. So I think thirty or forty a year. The movies here in Argentina arrive with a little delay, but they get here in time for Oscar night. 

Have you ever dated or broken up with someone because of the movies?

My partner and I met two years ago…and he didn’t know a thing about movies. Since he’s been with me, I think we've watched my complete wall of DVDs together and all the Oscar-nominated films each year and we watch the Oscars together. He has started to get a critical eye and now he and I can cry together with The Reader and I’m so happy about that. So now I have a movie fan boyfriend.

You've trained him well! Since you're such an Oscar nut, take one Oscar away from regift it.

Take away Jennifer Hudson's Supporting Actress Oscar and give it to Adriana Barraza for Babel.

Okay something less Oscary. Your first movie memory?

When I was probably 6 years old, my mother, my sister and I went to the cinema to watch Beethoven. I love dogs so the movie was great for me!  We were in the front row and our necks suffered a lot that whole week.

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Derek Cianfrance and Genre

Paolo here. I am the bearer of bad news. Apparently there are Blue Valentine' haters out there, two of whom are close writer friends of mine. One of these friends has repeatedly criticized the movie through Twitter, especially its director Derek Cianfrance's melodramatic tendencies. 

At first I disagreed with this minor yet tolerably vocal crowd, since that movie evinces hard-hitting, unquestionable emotions. I finally admit that yes, its saturated colours do evoke a hispter version of a Todd Haynes picture (nothing wrong with that!). And as it pains me to write this, Young Dean's (Ryan Gosling) appearance and actions are reminiscent of the cartoony, blinding spark on a boyband member's smile.

Maybe it's Cianfrance's new movie, The Place Beyond the Pines, that allowed me come to terms with the director's melodrama leanings. This release is being sold as an epic crime drama and sure, it delivers on that regard; a movie with a masculine cast gets slapped and labelled with a masculine genre. I normally take most movies at face value but I'll share with you how I see this movie. One that features a handsome man from the wrong side of the tracks, dysfunctional families, rapid aging and time lapses, and the revelation of a secret identity.

We're watching a fucking soap opera, people. Revenge with Boys

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"Yes, No, Maybe So" x 4: Elysium, Filth, Rush, Romeo

The trailers have been flying at us so quickly these days that it could only mean one thing: summer movie season approacheth. All the late summer would be blockbusters and early fall Oscar contenders are waiting to spring from their respective buzz gates.

Left to Right: Brühl in "Rush", Damon in "Elysium", McAvoy in "Filth", Booth in "Romeo and Juliet"

So with so many newbies we'll just get them all out of the way after the jump with a look at the new Romeo and Juliet, the sports bio Rush, the depraved Filth with James McAvoy, and Neil Blomkamp's Elysium, his eagerly awaited sophomore effort post stunner-debut District 9. Ready. Set. Go...

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Turn on the Faucet

I was going to skip a year but people keep asking... (what do we smell or something?). April Showers begin again on Tuesday April 16th. Waterworks most nights at 11 PM. (Any requests?)