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"I loved Clarke's scenes with Edgerton in The Great Gatsby. I thought, oh now I'm watching men not boys, and now I'm watching actors not movie stars.-Adri

"He has become someone I look for in films because he always comes across with such honesty." -Henry


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Box Office: The Wrath of the Mirror Games in the Yemen

On Thursday night, Hunger Games became the highest grossing film of 2012 (thus far) so it entered its second weekend having already slain its competition. How much further can this film go? This is a very good year for both Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. Josh is nearing $100 million with his other top ten'er too. But if we're taking votes for EW's  "Entertainer of the Year"... I think it's obvious that Channing Tatum is going to chart, with two 100 million hits already and more films to come.

But if we're taking votes for EW's  "Entertainer of the Year"... I think it's obvious that Channing Tatum is going to chart, with two 100 million hits already and more films to come. Strong holds for Tatum's comedy and Hunger Games squeezed some of the potential life out of the two new mainstream hopefuls.

TOP TEN (Estimates)
01 THE HUNGER GAMES  $61.1 (cum $251) Reviewed
02 WRATH OF THE TITANS  $34.2 new in wide release
03 MIRROR MIRROR  $19 new in wide release
04 21 JUMP STREET  $15 (cum. $93.1) Reviewed
05 THE LORAX  $8 (cum. $189.6)

06 JOHN CARTER  $2  (cum. $66.2) Reviewed
07 SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN $1.2 significant expansion (cum. $3.1)
08 ACT OF VALOR  $1 (cum. $67.7)
09 A THOUSAND WORDS $.9 (cum. $16.5)

What did you see this weekend? I saw Mirror Mirror (review tomorrow) and gave The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo a second spin on DVD. No, I don't know why I haven't seen Salmon Fishing yet. Ewan & Emily? That sounds like a wonderful pairing. What's keeping me. Oh, yes. Constructing the Oscar charts. It's time consuming.


Brunch w/ Nathaniel

We haven't done a live chat in a month. Today at 1 PM EST you can type at me right here.



April Showers Are Coming

It's that time again. The cinematic downpours are coming, sometimes man-made sometimes heaven sent. 

April Showers fall every weeknight (except wednesdays) @ 10 PM EST starting April 5th. We'll write up movie shower scenes. Any suggestions?


March. It's a Wrap

March happened at me. I hope yours was better. The blog has been a bit more tepid than usual in the post Oscar malaise and all around off-blog madness. But here were ten highlights from the month in case you also were caught between rocks and hard places or entire boulders and cliff faces.

Burning Questions: To Read or Not To Read in this age of adaptations, Michael wonders whether it's better to read the book first or see the film.
Cosmopolis + Cronenberg nine favorite images from the f'ed up teaser. 
Ladyhawke the third season of "hit me with your best shot" kicked off with a bird-like Pfeiffer and the wolfen Rutger Hauer 
The Hunger Games reviewed

Carrie Off Broadway the 70s horror classic is a thing again
Stupid News: Chloe as Carrie a terrible casting idea. They're all going to laugh at you, Moretz! 
Divas & Heroes more Film Bitch Awards 
Distant Relatives second season series finale. Thanks, Robert

Most Comments Burning Question: The New Classic Quotes. Everyone had an opinion about which recent film quotes would endure beyond this decade.
Most Popular A Game Change for Julianne Moore come awards time?

Coming in April: First Oscar Predictions of the New Film Year, Easter Parade, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, April Showers, the return of Take Three, Mad Men and 1966, and the Titanic Centennial... that colossal both just keeps sinking. Much more to come if you keep coming back and start commenting again.



Someday My Link Will Come...

The Playlist P.T. Anderson's The Master is coming on October 12th. Five long years for a new PT.
Gawker Rich Juzwiak on the reign of PG-13 "safe, sanitized, and worth shitloads of money"
Cinema Blend "the envy of lady bookworms everywhere"... Mia Wasikowska moves from Jane Eyre to Madame Bovary.
Empire has an hour long interview w/  General Zod himself Terence Stamp.
La Daily Musto "Newsies is the new Annie" love that headline for this review of the film turned stage musical.

Movie|Line apparently Leonardo DiCaprio was just too busy to attend the Titanic 3D premiere. James, Kate and Billy made the time.
WOW Dakota Fanning in Wonderland magazine. She's looking a bit Carol Kane, yes?
Thought Killer an imagined conversation between four girl icons: Buffy, Bella, Hermione and Katniss from Hunger Games
The Capitol Interesting piece on Jennifer Lawrence and the career she might have if she plays her hand well.

Her presence is palpably earthy and unfussy, reminiscent of Ingrid Bergman, another natural beauty who seemed uninterested in playing up her looks.


Flavorwire on the music used in Hunger Games (strangely much of the score is not on the soundtrack album 
Zephyr A must for horror fans: what horror icons from the past might look like today. 
Old Hollywood awesome storyboards from Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver.

NPR Snow White is having a moment. Why now?

... and I suppose this as as good a time as any to announced that I'm taking Jorge's suggestion. We'll do Snow White and the Seven Dwarves for the April 11th Hit Me With Your Best Shot.  If you join in your prince will come. Someday. Promise.


Which Is Hotter?

JA from MNPP here. Over at my blog I sometimes ask people to make impossible choices like the following. It's a thing. Today in honor of Warren Beatty's 75th birthday, I ask...


Infatuation with one leads to  the asylum, and the other takes you to the morgue (but oh, those outfits!). Sexy shoot-outs or forbidden classroom glances - you must choose!


Burtonjuice: Thoughts on Frankenweenie (The Original)

BURTONJUICE... on Thursday nights we're looking at Tim Burton films chronologically. Previously we covered his early shorts including the perfect goth calling card in Vincent (1982).

a boy and his dog. til death do they part

As you may have heard Tim Burton is currently rethinking Frankenweenie as a feature film. The Frankenstein story is so familiar as a myth that its ripe for either riffing on and spoofing in. But the short film is so successful at 29 minutes that it's strange to imagine it padded with another hour of footage. I thought I'd type up "things I didn't remember about the original Frankenweenie" but realized that the list would be far far too long as I didn't remember a single thing beyond the premise, that it was in black and white, and that particular boy (Barret Oliver, a major child star in the 80s. What became of him?) and his dead doggie. More after the jump...

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