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Curio: Surrendering to Dorothy

Alexa here. This fall has put me in home-decorating mode while we look for a new house; I am using a lot of my brain space filling the space we haven't found yet. My fantasies have recently led me to look for art that represents my love of film, but not in an obvious, film-poster way. So I'm pretty sure that something from UK design Studio Dorothy will find its way into our home.  

Dorothy is a group of 4 designers who create some unexpected and clever film art.  On the top of my lust list are these prints from their Hollywood Star Chart series, wherein they re-imagine constellations as American films from cinema's Golden Age and the modern era.  

Two closeup details...


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Curio: Hanks a Million

Alexa here. With the release of Captain Phillips, the annual game of reevaluating Tom Hanks is afoot. Does the Everyman dial it down to play a non-hero hero, or is he in fact at his most Tom Hanksiest to date?  Did Gravity beat him in the space race, since it beat him at the box office this week? I, for one, don't care: I love Tom Hanks for all his versatility and charm and Tom Hanksiness, so there.  

Chuck and Wilson dolls by Mauro Fazzini.

Here are some Hanks-related curios (thank you cards, coloring books, etcetera) for those, like me, who still feel the love...

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Curio: Capturing Gravity

Alexa here. Like many, I saw Gravity this weekend in all its IMAX 3D glory. I was astounded by the experience, since it is as close as I'll ever come to a spacewalk.  Yet, like Nathaniel, I was underwhelmed by what remained. As I watched Sandy's floating tears I thought, Finding Nemo was subtler in conveying this, "just keep swimming" and all that. But, wow, space, man! 

by Peter Stults

With that in mind, here's a selection of alternative posters for the film...

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Curio: Lucky Jackson 

Alexa here. Film and embroidery don't seem a natural combination, but, as I've posted before, there are plenty of crafters out there celebrating their film fandom with an embroidery hoop.  One in particular, Jennifer Jackson, a.k.a. Lucky Jackson, continues to amaze me with her prolific output.  She uses thread like others might sketch with a pencil, stitching celebrities she's crushing on or movie scenes she loves.  

Richie's tent

In 2011 and 2012 she did an embroidery each and every day for a year, filling it with many a Bill Murray and Margot Tenenbaum. See a selection, including Bonnie Parker, American Beauty, Kick AssZoolander and more after the jump.

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Curio: Boudoir Beauties

Alexa here. Rachel Corcoran is a Dublin-based illustrator with a distinctly actressy vibe. She specializes in editorial illustration, especially portraits that have a baroque, boudoir-ready style. She often takes pen (and pixel) to paper in the service of film and television, with great results.

Here are some of my favorites involving Breaking Bad, Dowton Abbey, and more from her pop culture portfolio. 

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