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VOTE In Our Thirst Trap Party. We Rounded Them Up For a Sexy NY's

Happy New Year's Eve! One last year in review list during the actual calendar year (though you know 2017 film year doesn't truly end until the Oscars are handed out). Here's Nathaniel R...

[Pictured left: Lady Bird just needed to see some D. We've all been there.]

In a not so festive season when we've all been thinking hard about a lot of terrible thinkings like corrupt governments and oligarchies, sexual misconduct and systemic isms that make life such an oppressive mess for so many people (and damage everyone -- even the opporessors -- since we all are truly in this life together) as well as the terror of both climate change and this particular cold snap  (I'm super sick right now, yay!)  it may feel counterintuitive to be silly and celebrate, I dunno, sexy movie men.

But it is New Year's Eve as I type this (my least favorite holiday since i can remember... I only like to goof off at home and make lists for this one) and we must start the New Year on a positive hedonistic note. Puritanism is bad for you anyway since sex and the enjoyment of sexy things can be a source of immense  joy and pleasure and intimacy and/or whatever both consenting parties have agreed upon. 

If you're a cinephile some part of you loves to look so this one's for you as we ogle some movie men after the jump. We squeezed them into six themed groups in their showoff or coy glory from which you should vote and choose the winners, okay? Okay!  


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31 flavors til Oscar nominations

by Nathaniel R

i tonya = pink bubblegum

I plan to eat my feelings all week long to close out 2017 and gain back every pound I lost in 2017. So on this 31st day before the Oscar nominations are announced, I'm thinking of 31 flavors (and then some) of ice cream. So let's reinterpret Baskin Robbins yumminess as this year's Oscar players...

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An Ode to Julia for Julia

To get to The Oyster Club in Mystic Connecticut, you take Main Street into Historic Downtown Mystic and turn left on Water Street. If you reach "Mystic Pizza," made famous in the 1988 sleeper hit of the same name that first won Julia Roberts attention, you’ve gone too far. If you start thinking about Julia Roberts on your way to a totally unrelated assignment, your first-ever restaurant review, you’ve also gone too far...

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Random Leftover Thoughts from Oscar Night...

by Nathaniel R

Yes, I'm trying to stave off the annual Post Oscar Depression. It's a real thing even if the medical community doesn't yet recognize it. So herewith some random final screengrabs from Oscar night and accompanying thoughts on topics we haven't totally covered yet over the past 3 days of Oscar reactions, recapping, post-mortem. (I promise we'll quit with Oscar 2016 by tonight and move on to other topics for those of you who've already moved on)

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"Here" and "There" with The Bening

Why doesn't Annette Bening have every award that was ever invented including the Pulitzer, the Heisman, and an Emmy from 1993 Sesame Street... 

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Happy National Sandwich Day! 

What's your favorite sandwich?

Besides the artisinal classic Diego-Maribel-Gael, that is. Mine is the iconic grilled cheese though I also indulge in a little pastrami & swiss on occasion.

On this day in showbiz history...

1921 Charles Bronson of Death Wish and Dirty Dozen fame is born
1931 Monica Vitti born in Italy. You haven't lived until you've seen her mussing with her hair in L'Avventura
1952 Roseanne Barr is born in Utah of all places. Goes on to create one of the best and most important sitcoms of all time, Roseanne
1954 The first Godzilla movie opens. Many more will follow
1956 The Wizard of Oz gets its first television airing. Annual showings will become a beloved tradition that cements the movie's cultural legacy
1957 Hunky action icon Dolph Lundren born in Stockholm
1963 Popular Oscar winning documentarian Davis Guggenheim is born. His films include He Named Me Malala, An Inconvenient Truth, and Waiting for Superman
1964 Awesome Danish actress Paprika Steen is born. If you've never seen her work rent The Celebration (1998) and Applause (2009) immediately to start
1995 Jodie Foster's still underrated very funny Home for the Holidays with Holly Hunter in great comic form opens in theaters
1998 Shakespeare in Love premieres in New York. After an extremely heated still divisive Oscar battle over its next few months it wins Best Picture, a decision we co-sign here at TFE since The Truman Show wasn't nominated. On this day also Bob Kane, the co-creator of Batman, dies. To think that the last Batman movie in his lifetime was Batman and Robin, poor guy.

Let's all agree that Volver is a masterpiece (and not just a masterwork of cleavage appreciation)

2006 Pedro Almodóvar's Volver (2006) opens in New York and Los Angeles. Becomes one of his most popular movies, nabs Penélope Cruz her first Oscar nomination, and remains one of the best films of the Aughts and of Pedro's career. It's utterly embarrassing that Oscar didn't nominate it for Best Foreign Language Film 

and one year from today...
2017 Thor: Ragnarok opens 


Thoughts I Had... whilst gazing at Gwyneth Paltrow's new photo shoot

Gwyneth Paltrow's new photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar...

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Break me off a link of that

Vulture Amy Landecker is Julia Roberts' voice double. This is amazing. Especially if you love the movie Duplicity
Geek Tyrant yummy yummy fandom pies
Coming Soon backwards told and trippy actually is commercial Strange Dr new the

Variety Robert De Niro's The Comedian will be getting an Oscar qualifying run. I guess Cinelou really wants to make these Oscar Qualifying runs their thing (see also Cake). Sigh. 
Women & Hollywood Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci will star in the adaptation of Ian McEwan's bestseller "The Children Act" to be directed by Richard Eyre (Notes on a Scandal) -- ooh, sign us up. 
Awards Daily Oscar hopeful Loving about the famous right to marry case from the 1960s has released interracial and same sex emojis
Tracking Board Wolverine 3 gets a title, Logan, and a spirit of the beehive poster moment 
The Guardian another report on Hollywood whitewashing of Asian stories and characters. I love Billy Magnussen but am sad that he's now involved in this too. Apparently the Bruce Lee biopic Birth of the Dragon has been saddled with a white character as lead, sidelining Bruce Lee in his own story What the actual fuck?
Variety Ian McKellen is getting the documentary treatment in McKellen: Playing the Part  

Today's Video
Kristin Chenoweth sings the Game of Thrones theme song

Winter is Coming looks at the top paid actors per TV episode via Variety. These are so weird to look at. The numbers rarely align with what you think of as pop cultural worth. Though if you're on a phenomenal success like Game of Thrones the two sometimes line up. One assumes the numbers have a lot to do with how long a show's been running and whether actors have been able to renegotiate. And also network pays more than streaming which pays more than cable, etcetera. For instance... how weird is it that Taraji P Henson as the key figure on one of TV's biggest smashes (Empire) makes the same figure per episode as Michelle Monaghan a less famous star on a show people don't talk about (The Path).