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What's Next for Marvel?

"I long for it to end." - Arkaan

"I really hope that this is when Marvel actually experiments with the form or takes more artistic risks. I doubt that they will because more likely than not, they will stick to tried and true with untested characters, but it's still nice to hope." - Starlit

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LULU WANG on The Farewell



Ritesh Batra (Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes (Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu (Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke (Ash is Purest White)

What'cha Looking For?

Overheard: "Black Swan / Donnie Darko"

Three twentysomething friends eating lunch at new hot restaurant uptown, discussing Facebook. Conversation shifts to The Social Network and an argument over whether or not Mark Zuckerberg saw the movie / stole the idea / is an asshole. They are divided. Youngest girl (who didn't like The Social Network) blurts out:

Did you see 'Black Swan'? That made no sense. She just kept talking to herself. [Pause]. You know how some people like 'Donnie Darko' because it's artsy and crap? It's like that!"

Ha. Uh, yes. Black Swan is exactly like Donnie Darko. (?)

Although now I can't stop picturing Nina haunted by Frank instead of her usual demons! She's already so scared she's like Black Chicken. Frank only makes it worse. "She's He's after me!"

Pssst. Nathaniel is experimenting with his barely used wacom drawing tablet (for Illustration Friday) which shall gather dust no more! He shall improve.



10 Days 'til Nominations (127 Hours?)

The countdown is on...


Today's countdown topic: 127 Hours
It's been falling from punditry favor as fast as James Franco's 'Aron Ralston' dropped down that crevice. But he does that twice in the movie. Will he land in the pool of refreshing Oscar waters in 10 days (like the first drop) with nominations for Picture, Actor and a few techs. Or will this be like that second nastier drop where horrors await (Best Actor only)? I'm thinking it's going to hang on by its fingertips to the former on account of #1 votes; those who love it love it. But I've been wrong before.

How many nominations do you see coming?

FYI: I've added a prediction index for ease of use. See? I listen to y'all! That's why you need to keep commenting. Don't make me feel alone in this virtual world.


Handful of Link, Globe Fever

Stale Popcorn The best Burlesque review you may ever read. A delight.
THR Ridley Scott's Alien prequel is transforming into something else.
Guardian on the female villain rumors for The Dark Knight Rises. Although many strange assumptions are made in the article such as Chris Nolan would resist casting a non A lister. Okay maybe that last one is a safe bet but it's still weird. Nolan is a powerful enough director to cast whoever he wants and the franchise sells itself so one wonders why he does only cast big names. Why not make a star?
Variety France's Lumiére Awards went to their Oscar submission Of Gods and Men (Picture & Actor) and Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer (Director & Screenplay).

Deadline Ben Foster signed to Fernando Meirelles "loose" adaptation of La Ronde. Infidelity ~ a fresh new motion picture topic!
AV Club Banksy's identity for sale on eBay? Hee.
Movie|Line Jacki Weaver appeals to Tarantino's foot fetish. Amusing/strange bit.
24 Frames the great cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki on Terrence Malicks Tree of Life (coming soon).
IndieWire Luca Guadagnino reflects on I Am Love's success going into the biggest awards weekend of the year (other than Oscar weekend of course)

Golden Globes on The Brain
Towleroad A Golden Globe drinking game devised by moi. Dare I do it whilst live blogging Sunday? Will you join me?
MNPP has five wishes for the The Golden Globes that feel directly pulled from my brain even though JA's brain is surely inimitable.
Movie|Line 5 times the Globes were smarter than Oscar


Always The Hours

Virgina Woolf and Laura Brown ...on VH1?

My ladies.

Nicole Kidman  Julianne Moore They need their own Black Swan Nina/Lily moment...
"Come to bed Laura Brown"...

(apparently they kissed -see photo - though with that horizontal blur on Kidman's face she looks like...Mare Winningham?)


BFCA Live Blog

8:55 Keith Urban announces that he is "not afraid to cry." Good thing because he's married to Nicole Kidman! Not to imply that she's difficult but she can access the heavy soul-shattering stuff.

8:57 Oh hi! Live Blog. Why am I doing this? Does anyone watch this? Refresh your screens!

8:58 Jeff Bridges is doing his Rooster Cogburn voice for the press guy? Does he feel like a performing seal?

9:04 Arnold Schwarzenegger emerges to open the show. Noooo... I was about to predict that Ahnuld would say "I'm back" or "I'll be back" or some lame Terminator pun that we'd enjoy as a guilty pleasure but no. He's being sincere. [gasp]. That's no adjective with which to open a show.

9:06 Ahnuld...

"I invented not speaking English correctly"

Okay that was funny. Albeit subtle funny which is always a tough sell during awards show.

9:07 Quick show of hands. Who believes that Ahnuld saw Black Swan three times in the theater as he claims?




9:10 THE FIGHTER wins Best Ensemble. I'm glad they let Jack McGee accept. He was really special in the background, don't you think? He made you believe that he could handle and was even happily married to Melissa Leo's Crazy! That's an achievement in authentic masochism. Go McGee.

9:17 Hailee Steinfeld wins Best Young Actor/Actress. Chloe Moretz is undoubtedly pissed. Hailee thanks "everyone in here. And the Lord." I always think it's funny when celebrities thank God when they beat other celebrities to prizes. If God is that guy cares about who wins movie awards than... ohmygod. I AM GOD!

MORE AFTER THE JUMP including made for tv movie titles, blonde Emma, Natalie skinny/pregnant and armpit licking.

Click to read more ...


Reminder: 11 Days...

Two point of business. Two goodies.

I have heard from a couple of people about feed / reader problems but just wanted to make sure everything is working for everyone? If you used to subscribe to the blogspot site, your feeds/readers should be properly updating with info from this site by now. If you switched it yourself manually the second we went live you may have had a problem? (a mistake on my end) You can subscribe from the sidebar (right) or use this url.

Yes, I'll be live blogging the BFCA Critics Choice Awards tonight (we'll start about a quarter to 9:00 PM) and the Globes on Sunday. If you're not hosting your own party, be here for this one.

Just a reminder that we've got two handy-dandy widgets for you to embed in your own personal webspaces if you'd like. (You can see both on the sidebar if this post should mysteriously vanish of you decide to use them later). Both will take you here should you click on them if you see something of interest or just have a jones to visit. Daily. You come every day, right? [/NEEDINESS]

The day after the Oscar nominations, this clock below will shift and beginning counting down to our favorite holiday, Hollywood's High Holy Night... THE OSCARS! And the day after that historic night (provided enough of you download this to make it worth my while) it'll shift to countdown to next year's Oscar nominations. [Translation: We're all crazy!]



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