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If Beale Street Could Talk

"Thank you ! Did we all read "Giovanni's Room" when we were teens ... and were slightly baffled and taken ?? Now I'm curious .. about this movie" - Martin

"We don’t deserve something this beautiful in 2018..." - Margaret

"I thought it was a terrific, lovely film but with some flaws. I don't think the voiceovers work well in the film and nor was it necessary since the film was already so infused with Baldwin's voice. " - Raul 



Hirokazu Koreeda (Shoplifters)

Ofir Raul Grazier (The Cakemaker)
Jeremiah Zagar (We the Animals)

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Jeff Bridges to receive the Cecil B DeMille Award

A long time ago in a Hollywood far far away he was just another promising golden boy, one of Hollywood's hometown sons. Over his very impressive nearly 50 year movie career, though, Jeff Bridges became a true legend of his own. In fact, if he didn't make nepotism jokes at awards shows, people might have all but forgotten by now his early leg up in showbiz from TV star dad Lloyd Bridges

Today comes word that his legend status grows larger yet still. In a couple of weeks at the Golden Globes he'll be honored with this year's Cecil B DeMille Award...

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Team Experience's Happy Gay Thoughts, Our Globe Reaction Finale.

Thank you for your robust comments on our the Golden Globe nominations, Globe snubs, and Vice/First Man nomination theorizing! Please do enjoy your weekend but it'll be busy here non-stop through the Oscar nominations so please check back in daily... or several times a day, bitches! To wrap up our Globe nomination reaction coverage, let's get happy and gay.

We asked friends and teammates at The Film Experience to share their giddiest thoughts and we hope you'll answer these final three questions, too. Here we go...

1. Which acting nomination were you most thrilled about?

DEBORAH LIPP: Alex Borstein 4Ever! I am here for any woman who appears on television in boxer shorts. 

MURTADA ELFADL: John David Washington because he is the real star born in 2018 and should be rewarded as such... 

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Why is "Vice" rising? Why are "First Man" and "Widows" struggling with awards bodies?

Before we get to the final "happy thoughts" Team Experience Globe Reaction finale, I thought I'd ask our contributors and friends of the site questions about the Golden Globe  fates of Vice (nomination leader), First Man (2 nominations, Score and Supporting Actress), and Widows (entirely shut out). It's easy to theorize about what's happening with all three of those movies, and theorizing is fun. So let's begin:

1. Why do you think Vice led the nominations?

DEBORAH LIPP: Hating Dick Cheney is a cathartic substitute for hating Donald Trump. I support this. 

GUY LODGE (VARIETY):  Because it's the newest thing out and, crucially, because it hasn't been reviewed yet -- its on-paper prestige is still undented...

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Team Experience on Globe Snubs, Strange Honors, and Best Director Nominees

As is our habit we polled Team Film Experience and web friends on the Golden Globe nominations. This will come in two parts but we'll start with a cleanse by shaking off the bad feelings. We must bid a fond fist-shaking farewell to our favorites that the Globes shunned and reveal the nominations that confuse us.

We think you'll also enjoy the part where we choose which Best Director would best dramatize our moods while watching the nominations. Ready? Here goes...

1. Which omission most galls you?

MURTADA: Widows. Viola Davis for Widows. Elizabeth Debicki for Widows. Steve McQueen for Widows. It had many opportunities to get mentioned and zilch.

JASON ADAMS: Toni Collette and Carey Mulligan, the drinks are on me. [MORE AFTER THE JUMP...] 

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The Golden Globe Nominations!

by Nathaniel R

HFPA president Meher Tatna introduced Terry Crews, Danai Gurira, Leslie Mann, and Christian Slater to announce the nominations for the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards. We didn't quite get the shakeups we wanted for players that needed the high profile boost of the Globes (like Toni Collette or Carey Mulligan) to boost their dark horse Oscar prospects but the Globes gonna Globe and there's as much to praise (Charlize Theron!) as their is to shake your fists at (Bohemian Rhapsody in Best Picture, wtf?).

In not so great news (unless you love it of course) Vice led the nominations with 6 honors, with The Favourite, Green Book, and A Star is Born tied as runner-up to most nominations with 5 each. UPDATE: We've shared Team Experience reactions to the snubs and nominated directors, and talked the fate of First Man and Widows, but here was our first quick take on the nomination after the jump along with some commentary...

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Golden Globe Nominating Begins!

My oh my but awards season is speeding up. Today ballots go out to the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assocation. Better known as those crazies that give out the Golden Globes. We adore the Globes here at TFE because if you look back at their history many great films and performances and TV series have won that were never honored at the Oscars or Emmys, particularly those of the comic or musical persuasion.

10 dream nominations we're rooting for, however likely or unlikely after the jump...

1. Crazy Rich Asians and A Simple Favor for Best Picture, Comedy or Musical

2. Toni Collette (Hereditary) and Nicole Kidman (Destroyer) both in Best Actress, Drama because we need some Aussie Actress power celebrated especially since Oscar might stiff them...

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