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Silence of the Lambs Retrospective


"That finger fondle is the most terrifying part of the movie; it literally sends a chill through my body every time I view it. Knowing what heinous acts he had committed, I felt very protective of Clarice and that is a testament to Foster's brilliance. I still believe the Oscar should have been split in half (Geena and Susan), but Foster's win here is more justified than The Accused."- NewMoonSon

"I do agree that the movie is well made, but it's about serial killers. Not everyone's cup of tea.." - Devon

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Posterized: Marvel Cinematic Universe

This weekend sees the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the third film in Marvel's Phase 2 of movies seemingly designed to introduced an expanding roster of comic book figures into a multi-film universe for the rest of human history. Confirming this latter point, Marvel film impresaro Kevin Feige mentioned (jokingly? seriously?) in an interview published this week that his brain trust has a line-up of films planned, potentially, up to 2028. Now, whether anybody genuinely things that having that kind of long game planned out is remotely practical, if Marvel is just thinking out loud, or if they're genuinely just that hubristic, nobody can say at this point. And cannot say for 14 years. But the fact that Feige can even joke about it says that Marvel plans to be in it for the long haul.

So it's undoubtedly premature, but with CA: TWS coming in as the ninth film in the overall series, it gives us the exact right number of titles so far to run the series through the Film Experience's patented Posterized system.

How many have you seen?

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I M 3

JA from MNPP here. I'm sure this is something that Nathaniel has considered here on the site before, but it's fresh on my mind with that there fifteen second teaser for tomorrow's actual full-sized trailer for Iron Man 3 sucking all the air out of the room today. Ignoring it would be the best way to not give in to the micro-seconding of hype, but I'm so continually struck dumb by these teaser-trailer-for-trailers that it almost makes me kind of appreciative in a backwards sort of way? Of course that's where we were heading as a culture! Of course. It all makes sense now, so I thank you, harbinger of doom, for the clarity. It's like those screenings where you bring your iPads to play along, or the commercials that they force us to watch on YouTube. What do I say to that? Besides just packing up a bag and moving into a cave, of course. Next stop Honey Boo Boo: On Ice: The Movie. In summation, get off my lawn.


Yes, No, Maybe So: "The Avengers"

It's finally here, he says robotically. Nearly every day is Avengers day online with paparazzi shots, interviews, stills, clips, posters, and whatnot, so the trailer just means that this is a Tuesday. But we must mark the occasion. It's how we do. And if "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" are going to assemble, we'll be there for roll call.

There can be only one... CHRIS.

The movie pits the collected superheroes against Loki (Tom Hiddleston) who holds the cosmic cube that The Red Skull lost (I think? Someone get me a "previously on" clip reel) because we have to braid the individual stories of the most recent Marvel movies (Thor and Captain America) back together with the two Iron Man movies where Nick Fury (who didn't get his own movie) was collecting heroes. They're even yanking The Incredible Hulk back in to the mix though surely nobody remembers dangly story threads from ye olden times of 2008. The only thing I remember from that movie was that Edward Norton lived in the jungle and then they poisoned the air so he turned green and lept through a glass walkway until he landed on a grassy field where he fought tanks until it was rainy and time to snuggle with Liv Tyler who was married to Phil Dunphy??? And somewhere in there was Tim Roth playing with chemicals and his own body? I can't remember. I'm guessing it won't be important because they save Mark Ruffalo (Hulk #3) for that mandatory "surprise the trailer isn't over!" joke tag at the end.

YES NO MAYBE SO breakdown and the actual trailer after the jump.

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'I Want Love'... and Actors in Music Videos, Please

Justin Timberlake as Elton John in 2001Ten years ago right about now, Elton John's "Songs From the West Coast" dropped. I bring this anniversary up because...

a) I love to celebrate anniversaries
b) music videos are short films
c) an irregularly curated side-obsession of mine is tracking film actors who've appeared in music videos.

For the videos from the album, his last hit-parade album (though not his last album), he used actor/musicians rather than himself, including a pre comeback Robert Downey Jr back when everyone still worried for the actor's very life and he seemed like an open wound... which really worked for this video.

Just love that one, don't you? It was directed by Sam Taylor-Wood before the days of her award winning narrative short Love You More and before she graduated to features with the John Lennon early-years bio Nowhere Boy (starring her future babydaddy Aaron Johnson).

In the follow up videos "This Train Don't Stop Here Anymore" and "Original Sin" Elton John used two pre film-stardom singers: Justin Timberlake as Elton himself and Mandy Moore as a devoted fan. In the latter Elton does appear and drags Elizabeth Taylor along with him in pink-turbaned cameo as "Doris" because, you know, Elton does love to flaunt the company he keeps. Was "Doris" an inside joke of some sort between them? 

Maybe JT got a taste for his acting future right here because he keeps playing important men from the music industry (Sean Parker in The Social Network and now Neil Bogart in Spinning Gold)

What's your favorite Elton John song? And if you were celebrity-aware back in 2001, did you ever dream of such enormous movie stardom waiting just around the recovery corner for Robert Downey Jr.?



Yes, No, Maybe So: "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows"

Michael C here to see if I detect in the trailer for the Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows any cause to get excited.

I vividly remember when the trailer for Guy Ritchie's first Sherlock Holmes landed two years ago. I could scarcely believe it was real and not some ingenious Onion spoof of action movies. Ritchie took the most cerebral character in all of literature, spliced him with Bruckheimer DNA, and created some unholy concoction involving ultimate fighting, black magic, and the destruction-to-running time ratio of a Road Runner cartoon. There can be no better parody of over-the-top action movies than that trailer's climactic moment when Watson bellows "HOLMES!" followed by what appeared to be a nuclear explosion.

And then the movie was released and it turned out to be...not that bad.

No masterpiece to be sure, but as a piece of big budget Hollywood fluff I can't deny it was a pretty painless way to spend two hours. So it stands to reason this equally excessive trailer for Game of Shadows will yield a similarly decent movie, right?

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