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It's a tight race this week

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Julia vs. Anjelica vs Dianne vs. Brenda vs. Lena

"all i can remember of julia roberts in steel magnolias is her playing her diabetic meltdown like she was linda blair in the exorcist- Par

""Don't talk about me like I'm not here!" Don't worry Julia, I mostly have nice things to say...- Tom

"wish Wiest would come back to claim her stature as the Walter Brennan of Supporting Actress Oscar winners -- she's one shy of three." - /3rtful

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March. It's a Wrap

March happened at me. I hope yours was better. The blog has been a bit more tepid than usual in the post Oscar malaise and all around off-blog madness. But here were ten highlights from the month in case you also were caught between rocks and hard places or entire boulders and cliff faces.

Burning Questions: To Read or Not To Read in this age of adaptations, Michael wonders whether it's better to read the book first or see the film.
Cosmopolis + Cronenberg nine favorite images from the f'ed up teaser. 
Ladyhawke the third season of "hit me with your best shot" kicked off with a bird-like Pfeiffer and the wolfen Rutger Hauer 
The Hunger Games reviewed

Carrie Off Broadway the 70s horror classic is a thing again
Stupid News: Chloe as Carrie a terrible casting idea. They're all going to laugh at you, Moretz! 
Divas & Heroes more Film Bitch Awards 
Distant Relatives second season series finale. Thanks, Robert

Most Comments Burning Question: The New Classic Quotes. Everyone had an opinion about which recent film quotes would endure beyond this decade.
Most Popular A Game Change for Julianne Moore come awards time?

Coming in April: First Oscar Predictions of the New Film Year, Easter Parade, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, April Showers, the return of Take Three, Mad Men and 1966, and the Titanic Centennial... that colossal both just keeps sinking. Much more to come if you keep coming back and start commenting again.



February. It's a Wrap

February ends. Which means Oscar season has wrapped for another year and we begin anew for 2012. (I realize there's a few loose ends and we'll make like boy scouts and tie them.)

Here were a dozen highlights from the month that was.

Nicole vs. Juli - Emmy Battle September 2012 ?!
Thoroughly Modern Actresses
Vanity Fair
Ten Most Deserving Supporting Actresses
from Mercedes to Dianne
Dream Big Dream Fierce
Viola Davis's moving speeches
the pilot. Yes, I want to write about this weekly. But Oscar season was making it difficult.
Burning Questions
- Michael and I are glad you've been answering.
Arianne Phillips one of her costumes for Madonna on W.E. and much more.
Megan and the Dolphin Melissa McCarthy's indelible laughs in Bridesmaids
Oscar Symposium five guys walk into a blog...

Most Popular: SAG Live Blog
Most Discussed: Reader's Ranking Streep Project from Music of the Heart to Sophie's Choice and Streep's Third. Internal Conflict Y'all always want to talk Streep. "The Streep Experience" ayiyiyi. I love her as much as anyone but I really need a break. I am taking a long Streep break in 2012. Other actresses deserve the discussion now. Let me think on who to obsess over though you're free to give me ideas.

IN MARCH! We're taking a few days off soon (GASP! That never happens) but then we'll be back with new films like John Carter, Boy, and Hunger Games, and we'll be celebrating the return of Mad Men (OMG). We'll also maybe look back at Raising Arizona, and I'm even considering an entire Tim Burton retrospective on the way to Dark Shadows so as to try to revive the love so as to get excited for Pfeiffer's return.

Some anniversaries coming up. What sets your anticipatory heart thumping?





20:11 Take The Warriors To Shelter

Year in Review Fun! It's the final installment of our peculiar time stamp fetish. The 20th minute and 11th second of the movies of 2011 in chronological order of US release dateIt's like flipping channels for snapshots of the film year! For those who like a challenge, I've written the film titles in invisible ink (you can highlight to see them) below the screencap. We'd keep going but it will take too long for the rest of the movies to make it to DVD.

How many have you seen? Do these images make you want to stop surfing and watch?

Jan | Feb | March | AprilMay | June | July

Part 8: Samplings from August through October

Great. Write my obituary 'Charlotte Phelan: dead; Her daughter: still single.' " 

THE HELP ... lots more on this movie.

-Good fun. We'll have good fun from now on.
-Fight. Maybe we fight outside the car.
-[Laughs] I think it's gonna get more and more excite [sic] the championship."


-Don't you think we'd feel more comfortable with our clothes off?
-Unbelievable, just unbelievable
-Why not?
-The rules! Not to mention your girlfriend
-What, Ingrid? She's very uninhibited. She'd have had her top off at the check-in desk."


...a few more moments frozen in time after the jump. Have you seen any of these movies?

Click to read more ...


20:11 Horrible Captains and The Deathly Pooh Part 1

Year in Review Fun! Herewith the 20th minute and 11th second of the movies of 2011 in chronological order of US release dateIt's like flipping channels for snapshots of the film year! For those who like a challenge, I've written the film titles in invisible ink (you can highlight to see them) below the screencap.

I realized halfway through doing this series that it wouldn't actually be able to be completed given that it will take another 6 months before everything is on DVD. So only one more of these "remember this" screen captures before we close out the film year. If you're just joining us TFE basically thinks of Oscar night as New Year's Eve. 2011 hangover lasts for a few days post Oscar (you have to discuss the big night afterwards, don'cha know) and then 2012 can officially get underway on March 1st. Wheeeee

How many have you seen? Do these images make you want to stop surfing and watch?

Jan | Feb | March | AprilMay | June

Part 7: July and August

He liked alcohol. We'd give him a sip and he'd want more. We gave him puffs on a joint…"



I don't understand why you guys don't quit. Are you registered sex offenders?"



-We can't just stand here.
-You're the brilliant one!
-I've got something but... it's mad."


6 more screencapture guessing games after the jump.

Click to read more ...


January. It's a Wrap

The first month of 2012 is a wrap. And you, yes YOU, have really helped the year off to a wonderful start. What can we do to convince you to stick around all summer when Oscar buzz is coolest? The Film Experience turns it out all year long so don't toss us in the spring. The robust discussions recently surrounding Albert Nobbs, Viola's "Dream Big Dream Fierce" and Vanity Fair's Hollywood cover have been a treat and can continue all year long.

Ten Highlights from January

Best of the Year - Nathaniel's top ten list from American stadiums to Iranian courtrooms 
Charlize Theron Interview - on Young Adult's biting character study and that Snow White trailer
Burning Questions - Michael's new series is a big hit. Keep on answering those discussables.
Corey Stoll on Hemingway & Allen - this rising actor was fun to talk to. 
Bret McKenzie Interview - He's already left Middle Earth but he's still playing with Muppets 
Sing Far From Heaven, Sing - Todd Haynes's masterpiece has been musicalized 
A Heartful of Uh-Oh - Taylor Swift for Les Misérables? ****
Pancake Breakfast With Nathaniel - this live chat was a fun experiment. Perhaps we'll do it again? 

My "Drive" scorpion jacket pancake. Although maybe it looks more like an Aliens face-hugger?Most Eyeballs & Comments, Special Event:
Golden Globe Live Blog
Most Eyeballs & Comments, Normal Post:
Oscar Snubs That Hurt

Madonna's W.E., television's "Smash", The Secret of Arrietty, Animated, Documentary and Foreign Feature nominees, screen romance, the rest of the film bitch awards, and more Oscar madness including interviews with a few nominees! 

**** Thanks to Ryan in the comments for the heads up. Word is spreading that Samantha Barks and not Taylor Swift as originally announced will play Eponine. Casting can be a fluid thing. It's best to not believe anything until people start filming. Here is Barks singing "On My Own". She will look much more believable as Helena Bonham-Carter's daughter.