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Mindhunter on Netflix 

"It's getting better with every episode. The direction/cinematography are stand-outs for me, and I quite like the main duo. -Arabella

"David Fincher could've been one of the all time greats. And now he's doing another TV show? And worse - World War Z 2!" - Ulrich

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Doc Corner: 'Zero Days' is One of the Year's Best

Glenn here with our weekly look at documentaries from theatres, festivals, and on demand.

Alex Gibney works with such ferocious regularity that it’s sometimes hard to keep track. Last year alone he had three films released following two the year before that. His latest, Zero Days, falls into the camp of Gibney films in which he most excels - those like Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room that allow him to exercise his skills at investigative journalism and dig deep into exposing organizations and those who surround them. While it lacks the pop fancies that made Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief such a success, Zero Days is Gibney’s best documentary in years.

Told with all the propulsive, thrilling excitement of a Hollywood spy blockbuster, Zero Days lifts the lid on a series of cybercrimes (reportedly - the film certainly makes a valiant case for it) committed by the US government in alignment with Israel against Iran and their potentially dangerous nuclear program. The crimes backfired drastically and exposed America and the world to a future of uncertain technological warfare...

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Three Women

Julie Christie, Ursula Andress, and Catherine Deneuve in 1966


Javier Bardem Is a (Frankenstein's) Monster

Get ready for more reboot franchise mayhem because Universal's Monster Cinematic Universe is growing: Javier Bardem has signed on to play Frankenstein's Monster.

Without any superheros to rely on, the studio is going back to their canon of classic horror icons and roping in some big names. Tom Cruise is the lead in next year's The Mummy revamp, with Russell Crowe also appearing as Dr. Jekyll. Johnny Depp has been confirmed as the Invisible Man for his own stand alone film. Their names may carry cache but each is in need of a (non-Mission: Impossible) hit we can get excited about, so here's hoping they can sommon more than another Van Helsing.

But Bardem's casting is easily the most exciting of the bunch. Let's not forget the actor does creepy so well that he got an Oscar for it, even if his most terrifying feat was his hairstyle in The Counselor. One of Bardem's strongest gifts is his powerful physical prescence and that should make the character a natural fit - and for the inevitable Bride of Frankenstine Penelope Cruz is right there!

With Dwayne Johnson rumored to be taking on the Wolf Man, this begs the question: who should be our next Dracula?



Alanis Morrisette had a baby daughter. Named her "Onyx Solace"
MNPP Chris Hemsworth's Australian commercial
Film School Rejects Where is Shelley Duvall?
Coming Soon First photo of Colin Firth on the set of Kingsman: The Golden Circle 
Christian Siriano of Project Runway fame, got married in black - guests (a celebrity who's who including Danielle Brooks and Christina Hendricks) wore white 
Revelist on Poussey & Soso's relationship in the new season of Orange is the New Black (spoilers) 

Mike's Movie Projector remembers Deborah Kerr's iconic nun characters 
Towleroad apparently Christoph Waltz kissed Tarzan in the original cut of The Legend of Tarzan. Test audiences were perplexed
i09 Kiefer Sutherland takes a supporting role in the remake of a film he once starred in, Flatliners (1990)
Pajiba whiny women-fearing Ghostbusters haters are still at it, giving the movie a 3.5 rating on IMDb before the pubic has seen it
Times of Israel talks to Quentin Tarantino about his career. Sadly he's still planning to quit after a 10th movie so we only have two left. I hated The Hateful Eight but I'd rather not see him quit altogether
Interview Jon Favrea (The Jungle Book) talks to Idris Elba about his career thus far
Theater Mania Marisa Tomei is starring in The Rose Tattoo at the Williamstown Theater Festival. If only she'd get roles that good in film! (Christopher Abbott co-stars)
Michigan Avenue Scarlett Johansson was recently honored in Chicago with a "Renaissance Award" and talked about her love for her job and for playing The Black Widow
AV Club looks at the collaboration of Woody Allen & Scarlett Johansson in their "Together Again" series
/Film Carrie Coon will play the chief of police in the third season of Fargo. Ewan McGregor co-stars. I guess I have to start watching.


156 Days Until SAG Nominations !

Premature you say? Well, they just sent out a press release. The Awards Season Calendar just keeps filling in. It currently looks like so:

Aug 31st-Sept 10th Venice Film Festival
Sept 2nd-5th Telluride Film Festival
Sept 8th-18th Toronto International Film Festival
Sept 18th -The 68th Annual Emmy Awards
Sep 30th-Oct 16th New York Film Festival
Nov 10th-17th AFI Festival
Nov 12th Governor's Awards (Honorary Oscars)
Nov 17th-Dec 11th SAG Nomination Balloting
Nov 25th-Dec 9th Golden Glob Nomination Balloting Begins
Dec 12th Golden Globe Nominations
Dec 14th SAG Nominations

Dec 19th-Jan 27th Final SAG Voting

Jan 5th-13th Oscar Nomination Balloting
Jan 8th -The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards
Jan 24th -Oscar Nominations
Jan 29th -The 23rd Annual SAG Awards
Feb 4th -The 69th Annual DGA Awards
Feb 6th Oscar Nominee Luncheon
Feb 11th Sci-Tech Oscars
Feb 12th - The 59th Annual Grammy Awards
Feb 13th-21st Final Oscar Voting
Feb 26th -The 89th Annual Academy Awards



Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (S1. E1-2)

You know what's crazier than leaving a half a million salary in NYC to move to West Covina, California (2 hours from the beach! - 4 in traffic) on the off chance your ex boyfriend from teen summer camp might be interested in reviving your fling as an adult? Not much. But it is crazy that The Film Experience didn't adopt Crazy Ex Girlfriend in the way it adopted Smash since musicals are kind of our thing (well, one of our things). Over the past two weeks I accidentally ended up rewatching the first five episodes again with friends who hadn't seen them so they're fresh in mind. So with Season 1 now on Netflix, let's catch up before Season 2 arrives in October.

S1:E1 "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!"

In which Rebecca randomly spots her first love in the street and takes it as a sign that she should follow him to West Covina, California, leaving her entire successful New York City life behind.  Let's rank the crazy... 

Greg: Yes, like a date because you're pretty and you're smart and you're ignoring me so you're obviously my type.
Rebecca: I'm sorry what were you saying?
Greg: Perfect.  

Relatably Foolish (Or as Norman likes to say 'We all go a little mad sometimes')
Greg, a bartender, falls hard for Rachel at first sight when she barely looks at him, and talks incessantly about his friend Josh...

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