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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) B+/A-
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Divergent (2014) C
Enemy (2014) B/B+

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April Showers...

Hunter is so expressive, like a firework (intended) exploding again and again.
❞ - Henry

I took a "fluff" class senior year of high school called Mass Media, and we were allowed to do a project on anything we wanted. My friend Meaghan and I decided to do our project on Brad Pitt,..I had never seen "Thelma & Louise" and found myself obsessed with it. I think I watched it five times by the time my senior year was over. ❞ -Jakey


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"Alice" by Milt Kahl

Character sketches for "Alice in Wonderland" by Milt Kahl

These animator character sketches from Disney's Alice in Wonderland (1951) via Deja View made me titter... it's the sequence. Hee.

But aren't they great sketches?


Stage Door: Carrie White, Sweeney Todd, and More...

Some people just can't be killed. Carrie White is one of them.

The bastard girl was born from a sweaty brief affair between religious fanatic Margaret White and a man unknown. (Maybe Margaret doesn't even know since the memory of sex seems to fill her with such masochistic horndog fever; can we trust anything that pours from her mouth not to have been thoroughly reworked by her demented faith?) By 1974 the shy teenager was infamous having massacred her whole town in the pages of Stephen King's best seller "Carrie". Brian de Palma's film adaptation Carrie (1976) immortalized the teenage telekinetic once and for all. Carrie White "burns in hell" but she's still aflame in popular culture, too. There will be no snuffing her out.

So what better time to resurrect her again than now when teen bullying is such a hot news topic? "Carrie" (the musical) was an infamous flop on Broadway in 1988 but the shy awkward girl has been given a makeover and is born again Off Broadway at the MCC Theater where she will rampage through April 22nd.

It's always a bit hard to imagine Carrie rampaging when you first meet her all shy awkward and lonely in that hell on earth: the high school locker room.

Marin Mazzie and Molly Ranson in "Carrie" Off Broadway


Click to read more ...


The Rise of Chan

Have you read this New York Times piece on the slow rise of Channing Tatum? It's basic thesis is that Hollywood's star-making system is failing. Pieces like this are always interesting reads as much for what they leave out as what they take in. The article ignores Ryan Gosling's ascent preferring to stick with the thesis that was in place before Gosling. The one that goes "Hollywood can't produce male superstars anymore because mid size dramas and comedies are no longer Hollywood's concerns and that's where stardom happens. Blockbuster franchise don't make stars, they only make franchise-specific stars." It's true in a lot of ways even if it's not the whole picture.

But it gets a lot right about Channing Tatum's particular case.

Relatability — I’m just like you, Middle America — does seem to be one of his strong points. In person Mr. Tatum is surprisingly humble and honest, two qualities that are almost nonexistent in Hollywood. He is self-aware, but also unguarded. “I know I’m not the best actor, but I’m in love with it, and I’m getting better with every movie,” he said.

It's a pretty thorough overview of his career and abilities with not one, not two but three of the most marketable leading man skills: He can sell a joke, he can hold a gun convincingly, and he can romance a girl. I appreciate the article's break down about what great physiques mean to actors and what they don't.

I always forget that Chan was in that Ricky Martin video "She Bangs"

Channing's Chastainy Schedule This Year

Jan 20th. Haywire (reviewed) the experimental actioner though Chan was fairly far down the cast list.
Feb 10th. The Vow a huge romantic hit with Chan front and center. It's actually the second most popular movie of 2012 thus far. Have you seen it?
Mar 16th. 21 Jump Street another lead part, comedy. That's three genres in three months. 
June 29th. GI Joe: Retaliation he steps down from lead duties but he's still in it.
June 29th. Magic Mike the stripper drama inspired by his own life. This will be the biggest test of his bankability yet because it's not a pre-sold genre like action films or soggy romances.

Parting Shot...
I've yet to read an article on this star-making problem though that addresses that simple fact that star-making machinery was always faulty. It's just that we only remember the successes. For every Marilyn Monroe weren't there 100 ingenues that didn't work out even in the studio system?


Box Office: 'Leave nothing for the orange apes!'

[With apologies to Dr. Seuss]

And up in the gold cave some people say,
if you look close enough you can still see, today,
where John Carter once stood
just as long as he could
before the Threns whisked John Carter away.

Who was John Carter?
And why was he there?
And why was he whisked away, taken somewhere
from that cave in Virginia to Barsoom's hatchling hole?

This box office battle won't break John Carter's way.

The old Pix-lar still lives here.
Ask Stanton. He knows.

You won't see the Pix-lar
The filming's long done.
He retreats to that compound with the cereal bar.
He lives in that office in Emeryville, son!
where they make their own films
out of zeros and ones.

But on special dry midnights in Arizona heat,
out from the compound
at junkets he speaks
to tell of John Carter to Mars whisked away

He'll tell you, perhaps...
if you're willing to pay.

Baker's Dozen (Estimates)
01 THE LORAX  $39.1 (cum. $121.9)
02 JOHN CARTER  $30.6 new [Review and Taylor Kitsch Beefcake]
03 PROJECT X  $11.5  (cum. $40.1)
04 SILENT HOUSE $7 new
05 ACT OF VALOR  $7 (cum. $56.1)
06 A THOUSAND WORDS $6.3 new
07 SAFE HOUSE  $5 (cum. $115.8)
08 THE VOW  $4 ($117.6)
09 THIS MEANS WAR  $3.7  (cum. $46.8)
10 JOURNEY 2 THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND $3.6 (cum. $90.7)
12 THE ARTIST $2.3  (cum. $40.4)
13 FRIENDS WITH KIDS  $2.1 new

What did you see this weekend?


"Are they made from real Girl Scouts?"

March 12th Happy Centennial Girls Scouts of America!

Girl Scout: Is this made from real lemons? I only like all natural foods and beverages. Are you sure they're real lemons?

Pugsley: Yes.

Girl Scout: Well, I'll tell you what. I'll buy a cup if you buy a box of my delicious girl scout cookies. Do we have a deal?

Wednesday Addams: Are they made from real Girl Scouts?

The Girl Scouts of America will never have a better movie moment than Addams Family (1991), am I right? I love that Mercedes McNab graduated from "Girl Scout" to a name role, Amanda "I'm going to be an actress!" Buckman' in the sequel Addams Family Values (1993) where she squared off with Christina Ricci again in that movie's most memorable plot thread.

Long live Harmony Kendall!