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Love Affair (1994) - as "A Year With Kate" nears its conclusion

A YEAR WITH KATE... 2 episodes left

 "A really beautiful look into the careers of one of my favorite actors, but it's made me consider the careers of so many different actors and how the great ones adapt to eras while still staying true to themselves. This is a special, lovely series. I both cannot wait for and am so sad for the end next week.-John T


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Sense and Sensuality (and Cinema, Natch.)

Hello, darlings.  Beau here, still filling in for Nathaniel* in this last gasp of August. (Thank fucking GOD, I’ve never been a fan of summer. Bring on the fall and the awards fodder and the pumpkin spiced lattes!)

Leslye Headland (whom you’ve all met by now) wrote something very interesting the other day that ignited a particular memory I’d long since forgotten from High School.

Follow me back all the way to late 2004...

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Nathaniel On His Travels: Streep Branding & Les Miz Jitters

Hi kids. I thought I'd check in briefly from my mom-centric travels. I'm typing this from my hotel room in St. George, Utah where the air is hot, the rocks are red, and my nephews live. They were inundating me last night with all sorts of information I didn't understand (mostly about video games) but once we got to the movies I was on sound footing (their preferred topics: superheroes and Miyazaki).

But how are you doing -- Aren't the guest bloggers doing a bang up job keeping us entertained? I ate up all of Leslye's posts (by which I mean read them multiple times) and pricked my ears up to a new voice in our sound mix, Matt Zurcher. Thank you as ever to longtime regulars Jose and JA. And to Beau, too,  because Sharing is Caring -- TFE is like his new Confessional which I guess makes me (and you) the priest? Hee!

I bought two books in the airport from sheer indecision about what to read (why don't I have a kindle or iPad yet?) and the one I've started is "The Meryl Streep Movie Club" which is probably a shameless attempt to borrow TFE's most discussed movie star's bankability to sell some books. But here's the catch to shamelessness: it often works. I bought the book didn't I? It's about an estranged family of sisters, who after a tragic orphaned childhood, reunite as adults and get some very bad news. Their aunt hosts a weekly movie night at the inn where they've gathered and it happens to be Meryl Streep Month. So far Silkwood has been name dropped the most -- a choice I fully support -- and they're about to watch Bridges of Madison County. I'm not very far in because my inflight movie was The Avengers (more on that in a couple of days when I'm back to NYC) which was more than enough to keep me occupied.

As you read this my soul is being stirred.

 Chances are at least. See, I'm off to see Les Misérables on stage for the first time in aeons. As a teenager I wore out my tape of the soundtrack and when I found out it was playing at Cedar City's annual widely acclaimed Shakespeare Festival (they've even won a regional Tony Award) I jumped at the chance to take my mom because a) she doesn't get out much and b) she's never seen it on stage but loves musicals and started me early on them for which I can only give her millions of hugs. It's a perfect opportunity to see the show before the movie hits and becomes the possibility definitive version for millions upon millions of people who don't get to stage shows often or ever. Which is unfortunately a lot of people -- even for shows as successful as Les Miz which has earned over $2 billion globally in its 27 year life.

I have no jitters about seeing the show on stage again because it's a magnificent epic in its original medium. But will it work on the movie screen? Bring it home, Tom Hooper! Bring it home.

Which brings me to my exit questions:

  • Have you ever seen Les Miz on stage?
  • Which is your favorite song? (If you must know mine is "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables")



iTunes Review of the Week:

Think 'Zombie Kill of the Week'; just with iTunes Reviews. If anyone can top this one (#7) for the week? I will bow to you.



And no fair making a fake one. Cheating gets you nowhere. Unless you're on Wall Street.

Any takers?


The Cinema As Home

While Nathaniel is away the guest bloggers are at play. Here's Beau from California.

I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop in Southern California today, enjoying the atmosphere, trying to bottle it for when I may need it again. It will be one of my last moments at this particular location, because as of Friday, I am leaving the Los Angeles area indefinitely.

King City, California (indeed, Monterey County), is best known for being right smack dab in the middle of Steinbeck Country. (Of Mice and Men takes place in Soledad, CA - a mere twenty miles north). It’s been immortalized as such, but hasn’t received much treatment onscreen aside from one noteworthy moment, in an ever-evolving film whose reputation is elevating itself by the day.

Which film is that? See for yourself after the jump.

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From the Wilds of Woody-land

JA from MNPP here. I was looking up pictures of Peter Sarsgaard on Tumblr - don't tell me you haven't yet seen that shot of him jogging in shorts shorts making the rounds - when I stumbled upon some pics from the set of Woody Allen's new movie currently filming in San Francisco that seemd worth sharing.

What continues being delightful even when Woody's movies don't - yes I'm looking at you To Rome With Love - is seeing him mix up all the famous actors he gets to play with in surprising ways - why sure, I'd love to see Judy Davis play Allison Pill's mother! How astute of you, good sir. (TRWL needed more cast interaction - imagine if Greta Gerwig and Penny Cruz had fallen under Roberto Benigni's haphazard charms while managing their own plots!)

Seeing Sally Hawkins and Bobby Cannavale and Cate Blanchett and Louis CK all standing around gives me hope this next one will toss some of Woody's specific sort of thespian frission our way. Woody gets whoever the heck he wants in his movies - make use! (And hire Diane Keaton next time, dammit!)


It's Monday!

And this is your life. Sweet! So today, tell me:

What movie title best sums up where you are in life right now? What’s going on with you, who’s around you, what’s coming up just around the river bend...