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Box Office: Princess Merida, Bear Hunter

Princess Merida's aim was true, hitting the Pixar bullseye this weekend. $60 million plus means BRAVE can stand proudly with the studio's most successful opening weekends. Some worried that Pixar's first female lead might not prove nearly as big of an immediate draw as cars, toys and boy robots... forgetting that Princesses have never exactly hurt parent co's Disney's box office tallies. Abraham Lincoln's box office aim was messier but then axes can miss their mark and still do bloody damage.

01 BRAVE new $66.7
02 MADAGASCAR 3  $20.2 (cum. $157.5)
04 PROMETHEUS  $10 (cum. $108.5) Oscar Chances?
05 ROCK OF AGES $8 (cum. $28.7) Review
06 SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN $8 (cum $137.1) Review 
07 THAT'S MY BOY $7.9  (cum $28.1)
08 THE AVENGERS  $7 (cum $598.3) Review
09 MIB 3 $5.6 (cum. $163.3)

Talking Points: To Rome With Love was strangely timid about its opening weekend given the renewed Woody Allen love post Midnight in Paris but had a strong per screen average anyway. Had it opened wider it surely would have outperformed Seeking a Friend... which couldn't find an audience; Moonrise Kingdom continues to be a strong performer in limited release just outside the top ten; Two months into its run The Avengers is finally losing screens but should cross the astounding $600 million mark by Tuesday, only the third film in history to do so (when not adjusted for inflation). 

Regarding The Avengers. Given the screen loss it'll be tough to pass Titanic to claim the all time #2 spot -- another $60 million is required. I was just at brunch at Harlem's Red Rooster and a little tiny barely verbal boy at the next table was veritably surrounded by superheroes -- Thor lunch box to the left of him, Spider-Man backpack to the right of him, as he excitedly pointed at an ancient comic book in glass behind him in the restaurant's wall of historic memorabilia. They indoctrinate them young into Marvel Mania. When he's a teenager he'll be buying opening weekend tickets to The Avengers holographic reboot (2025)

What did you see this weekend?

Or is your weekend still raging? If so, Happy Pride!


Say What, Emma T?

Amuse us. Caption this photo of Emma Thompson in the comments.

Oh and... yay, she's back in front of cameras where she belongs (It's a scene from Love Punch a new divorced couple comedy with Pierce Brosnan)


Pass the Link

Main Course
attempts to show that Pixar has more than one female character with its '15 most badass female Pixar characters
Serious Film joins the legion of Beasts of the Southern Wild  fans with bullet points of his amazement
Kenneth in the (212) Remembers a traumatic experience when Hollywood first launched Making Love (1982) starring Kate Jackson, the first mainstream Hollywood picture on the gay experience. 
Daily Mail is Barbra Streisand really going to get in the director's chair again. She's rumored to be prepping Skinny & Cat a biopic romance starring Colin Firth and Cate Blanchett. What accounts for Barbra's sudden burst of activity?

Towleroad where are the new gay classics? Too many straight movies opening for gay pride weekend ;)
The Guardian
 terrific piece on the Tom Cruise "comeback" and what the word now means
The Guardian also has a profile of wondrous character actress Miriam Margolyes
Movie|Line actor Aaron Johnson (Kick Ass, Albert Nobbs) has wed longtime girlfriend/director Sam Taylor-Wood.
Google celebrates the centennial of Alan Turing, a fascinating gay man who changed the world. Why isn't there a biopic on him?

Ear Candy
The Broadway Blog sneak peek of a song from Cyndi Lauper's stage musical adaptation of Kinky Boots 

Eye Candy
Super Punch The Shining Sculptures. I am so creeped out looking at these. redrum
Old Hollywood Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Suddenly Last Summer 
Queerty Cheyenne Jackson *new photoshoot alert* He does too few! 
Slash Film The Dark Knight Rises outdoes itself with this bit of promotional art. Wow. 
My New Plaid Pants The Amazing Spider-Bum 

Finally I can't even do a Yes No Maybe So on this Andy Samberg Celeste and Jesse Forever type trailer thing -- even though Ari Graynor! -- because I'll never top James St. James quip at the Wow Report

Damn, Andy. Celeste & Jessie Forever looks absolutely, heartbreakingly wonderful. And yet I can’t help but feel it’s this year’s (500) Days of Summer, where everybody loves it to death then turns on it in six months..



Another "Prometheus" Mystery: Will There Be Oscar Play?

Ridley Scott's Alien franchise prequel Prometheus should probably be a film I take great objection to. The first reason I ever loved the series (beyond Lt. Ellen Ripley, queen of all action heroines) was how it doubled as an ever evolving adventurous launch pad for young auteurs. It's got the same premise virtually every time so you sit back and immediately see the director's vision in sharp relief against each previous or subsequent film. Even the lesser entries in the series have this to recommend them and in the 90s, even after Alien Ressurection I wanted them to keep making Alien films so we could see it through the different set of rising auteur eyes each time. I didn't really want Ridley Scott to go back for this reason. I especially didn't want him to go back back. Backstory and prequels -- conceptually, they are like safety nets for the imagination. Don't be afraid of wondering... we'll catch you!

Where is the mystery? Or rather, why don't people want more of it. Why do you they want so many answers?

Thankfully, Prometheus doesn't rob the Alien franchise of all of its mystery and magic. It's not midi-chlorian level obnoxious. And given the screenplay and execution, for better and worse, the new film creates its own mysteries. Some or these are intentional and some surely not, some internal some external. What did David⁸ say to The Engineer in the penultimate sceneIs the MPAA's request that Ridley Scott remove the entire abortion sequence -- not so coincidentally the strongest sequence in the film -- the dumbest thing they've done since Blue Valentine's NC17? Or is it just the thousandth priceless example of how aesthetically stupid they remain and or the millionth piece of case evidence that they should never be allowed anywhere near art!

This week since I know I desperately need to update the Oscar predictions I've been thinking of another Prometheus-specific mystery. Will it have an awards future? [Aliens & Oscars after the jump]

Click to read more ...


Afternoon Open Thread

What's the first movie you thought of when you woke up this morning? 

Otherwise what's on your (cinematic) mind today? I'm slow to rise this morning but I'm thinking it's a catch up weekend for me -- jamming in as many movies as I can cram in before the HALFWAY MARK BEST OF (yep, it's coming). Moviegoing = Air Conditioning.


Pfeiffer Next Pfriday... "People Like Us"

I'm not supposed to talk about the movie yet but Pfans rejoice. I can't resist telling you that Michelle Pfeiffer enters the new drama People Like Us with a bracing cold snap. The movie has been racing along rather manically to set up its plotty-plot-plot and suddenly she's there slapping it with a "snap out of it!" move. Settle down, movie, settle down. 

Pfeiffer's Confession in PEOPLE LIKE US

She's wonderful in it. Three friends were seen afterwards arguing about how wonderful and no one agreed. Friend A: She's special in it if you haven't seen her seminal performances. Friend B: I thought she was great but there's no part... ugh, there's no part! Friend C: [unintelligble drooling] Pffeifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffferrrr.

I confess. Friend C was me. (I'm not especially verbal immediately post-screening.) My point: It's easily her best work since Chéri. Not that there's been much work since Chéri. Shut up!

Pfeiffer hits the media circuit (Good Morning America) to promote People Like UsBut as for her current state of work. She promises more now that the empty nest looms in just one year's time. She recently made a rather grandiose statement in a Zap2It interview...

I’m always feeling that my best performance is still in me. And I think all artists feel that whether you’re a painter, actor, a musician — I hope so. I think it’s what keeps me going... I’ve noticed a lot of people who win the Academy Award — Best Actor, Best Actress — they go through a long period where they don’t work for a while and I worry about them. There’s sort of that wanting to achieve that, which keeps you going, and then when you achieve it, it’s like, ‘Well, what now?’ I don’t ever want to lose that fire that I have for it.”

Pfeiffer talking Oscar? Whoa. In a better entertainment world, that'd be leading story everywhere.

If this quote is indication, something has shifted in her headspace. I like to imagine that it was that campaigning for Jeff Bridges' Career Oscar (aka Crazy Heart) a few years ago. Does this mean we'll see her chasing the gold man again in prestige pictures and meatier roles?  I've learned not to expect too much face time from the elusive goddess but it sure would be a welcome sight.

Are you planning to see People Like Us? Or are you waiting for a great picture or a great role before welcoming her back.


Current Top Paid Actresses

Forbes ranks the working actresses in order of assumed income for the past year (May to May) and Queen Theron, who has been absent way too long, jumps back in the game with her recent burst of acting and activities. Forbes counted guesstimated residuals, endorsement deals and profit participations and such. The list goes like so. (Dollar figures are in millions)

01 Kristen Stewart $34.5 Twilight finales + Snow White
It'll be interesting to see if she can hold "a top earner" status post Twilight what with Jennifer Lawrence next in line for the absurd franchise riches.
02 Cameron Diaz $34  huge profit sharing on cheaply made Bad Teacher
03 Sandra Bullock $25 ...not sure how she scored this high with only Extremely Loud as a new element but... okay.
04 Angelina Jolie $20
05 Charlize Theron $18 -thanks in large part to Dior, surely
06 Julia Roberts $16
07 Sarah Jessica Parker $15 the latest movie flopped but the perfumes are totally selling
08 Meryl Streep $12
09 Kristen Wiig $12
10 Jennifer Aniston $11 

I'm not greedy at all. Would totally settle for, oh, half of one week's worth of Aniston's income as my annual salary. Too pricey, huh? Okay, okay. I'll take three days worth as annual salary as long as joint custody of Justin Theroux is on the table. Who can arrange this? Please and thanks.

You know what would make a fun list? Yours. Rank your top ten if you ran the world. Which actresses would you gift with the most endorsements and the biggest incomes this past 12 months. Whose name and face and merchandise do you want to see plastered everywhere?