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While We Wait for Carol...

The natives are growing restless.

Greetings friends. Chris here, the newest member of Team Experience. Like I'm assuming many of you, I live far away from the lucky 16 theatres currently housing Todd Haynes' return to the big screen. So I'm happy with even the slightest shift that brings Carol's glacial release to my local screens. Non-US readers have an even longer wait. We've all become the human embodiment of that inescapable Rooney Mara image.

It's worth noting amid all our impatience the cautionary tale told this year by the likes of Steve Jobs and The Diary of a Teenage Girl: going too wide too soon can result in a quick crash and burn in this increasingly crowded marketplace. So let's take a breather and feel grateful that Carol has a distributor like The Weinstein Co. focused on reaching a passionate audience, even if it means waiting longer than we want. After all, the film is still the film no matter when we see it.

Meanwhile, I've got 10 fun homework assignments to keep you occupied while you wait...

 1. Read Patricia Highsmith's novel (also published as The Price of Salt). The film is not a page-to-page adaptation, so some surprises will still be ahead - including more of our titular love interest!

2. Rewatch the Todd Haynes filmography! I'll do the leg work for you: Velvet Goldmine is availble on Netflix Instant, Poison and I'm Not There on Amazon Prime...

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Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Julianne Moore's Birthday

Kieran, here taking a brief respite from the holidays (read: Oscar season) to wish a very happy birthday to Julianne Moore. Between her tribute to Todd Haynes at the Gotham Awards and her very funny “Billy on the Street" segment it’s a good week to celebrate the Academy Award-winning actress. Just glancing at her filmography, she’s gifted the world of cinema with so much to be thankful for and she’s surely got a lot more left to give. It’s far too rare that the great actors of any generation also become Oscar winners. Before Still Alice many had assumed it was over for Moore in terms of ever copping the statue. Seeing her ascend the stage to collect her Academy Award earlier this year, it never felt so good to be so wrong.

So, on this, Julianne’s birthday...

Appropriate Ways To Celebrate

1. Relax with some yoga.

 2. Bake a cake. Watch the sifting flour. "Isn't it pretty? It's just like snow."

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50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Viola Davis' Birthday

Margaret and Anne Marie here, with suggestions of how best to rejoice in 50 years of national treasure VIOLA DAVIS...

  1. Set something on fire with only the power of your measured, penetrating gaze
  2. Look sensational in a jewel-hued gown
  3. Drink a tall glass of bubbly while wearing said gown
  4. Enter a room with unparalleled grace
  5. Have a professional task you feel is beneath you? Pick it up and blow it out of the water. Because you can.
  6. Make your coworkers look great
  7. Give sage & loving advice. Or take someone else's
  8. Pull up a dick pic on your phone, and accusingly approach strangers with it

  9. Consider making a donation to the Segue Institute for Learning or the Hunger Is campaign, which are two of Viola Davis' preferred charities
  10. Visit Rhode Island
  11. Do a few sets of tricep curls 
  12. Write a thank you note to Shonda Rhimes.
  13. Paper your neighborhood with Emmy For Your Consideration ads.
  14. Walk up to the most respected person in your chosen field and gracefully, modestly, utterly outshine them.
  15. Outshine some nobodies too, just for fun

    35 more ways to celebrate after the jump!

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50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Keanu Reeves Birthday!

In honor of Keanu Reeves' half-century mark today, 50 appropriate ways to celebrate the day. Please report back with the number you plan to accomplish today. Party on dudes!

01 Become a "cool breeze over the mountains" like his name (consider it an acting exercize)
02 Consider Beirut, Lebanon where Keanu was born
03 Find it on the map if you're not familiar 
03 Take the red pill
04 Join us tonight for "Best Shot" - we'll be choosing our favorite image from The Matrix
04 Be excellent to each other
05 Party on, dudes!
06 Watch Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)
07 Play a game of hockey

08 Drive a motorcycle
09 or, a a bus
10 Wait. Those are both probably illegal without a special license so why not just take a bus and pretend your driver is Sandra Bullock)

11 ...or go surfing
12 The point is physical activity. Do lots of it. Keanu is always on the move.
13 Read our Team Experience anniversary piece on Point Break (1991)
14 Look amazing in a wetsuit
15 Get wet frequently today; It's a good look for you
(35 more ways to celebrate after the jump

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65 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Meryl Streep's Birthday

In honor of Meryl's 65th birthday today... channel her essence and celebrate her joie de vivre. You know you want to. 

65 Smile. Like you're mischievously pleased with yourself.
64 Master the tricky combo of being warm and relatable but also superior to the mere mortals around you
63 Be a total boss at your profession
62 ... and win a prize for it.
61 (Run around like a joyful maniac when you do)

60 ... or make a plan to do so. 
59 Pick up a strange accent today
58 ...abruptly change it at lunch
57 ....and then again at dinner 
56 Sleep with someone who is good with their hands, like, I don't know a sculptor or something. I'm just spitballing here...

55 more ways to celebrate after the jump

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50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Demi Moore's ½ Century Mark

Too few people speak of Demi Moore anymore and that truly saddens me. I grew up with Demi as a big screen goddess and though her star went supernova, flaring so bright you couldn't miss it before unarguably fading, she's still worth celebrating. The 80s and 90s would NOT have been the same without her. Younger generations know her best as the former Mrs. Ashton Kutchner! What a world. What an ignomious fate for someone as good at being a celebrity as she!

50 Ways to Celebrate Demi Moore. I Double Demi Dare you!

  1. Scream until you're hoarse to achieve her suitably sexy voice.
  2. Hook your star to a sexy bald man.
  3. Indulge your inner cougar.
  4. Practice the fine art of being friends with your most famous ex. (Let Bruce & Demi be role models for all)
  5. Refer to yourself as "Mrs. [Whoever You're Dating]" this week on Twitter or Facebook 

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79 Ways To Celebrate The Life of Elizabeth Taylor

In lieu of a traditional obituary, and because I'm still working on two other Taylor posts that were started before this sad news, I thought a major revision of a two year-old birthday post was in order. If you're in need of comfort today, wrap yourself up in this legend's grandiosity on this disheartening day. Take Taylor's life as inspiration. Survive Everything... but for death, of course, which will come for us all. But leave a legacy behind you and you've got that beat, too.

79 Ways to Celebrate Liz Taylor's Legacy in 2011
How many can you do this year?

  1. Be great.
  2. Be beautiful.
  3. Be ambitious. Quoth Liz "It's not the having, it's the getting."
  4. Be a legend in your own mind, and in others.
  5. Get married. Or divorced. Or remarried. Or all three. Or several times.
  6. Let your passions rule you.
  7. Act like a diva. (But back it up with substance... nobody likes a vacuous primadonna.)
  8. Wear something spectacularly sexy, preferrably white.
  9. Make people want more.
  10. Forge unbreakable friendships.
  11. Stick with those people through tragedies, scandals, and anything else that besets them.
  12. Watch Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?.

  13. Invite people over for copious drinking party.
  14. Play "get the guests" or "hump the hostess", your choice.
  15. (If you don't have a child, invent one.)
  16. Watch National Velvet
  17. Go horseback riding.
  18. Watch A Place in the Sun.
  19. "Tell mama everything"
  20. Fall in love with Montgomery Clift in glorious black and white (any of his movies will do).

  21. Ask your best friend to refer to you as "Bessie Mae" for the rest of the year.
  22. Demand a Taylor retrospective at your local arthouse cinema. Suggest that they donate a portion of the proceeds to Liz's charity.
  23. Be highly quotable.
  24. Flaunt every piece of jewelry you own. (Maybe wear them all at once?)
  25. Donate to an AIDS charity. Per Liz's request in lieu of flowers.
  26. Nurse a sick friend or loved one.
  27. Enjoy your own wicked sense of humor. Laugh loudly at good jokes.
  28. Scream "I was the slut of all time!" with style and at the top of your lungs. Shamelessness suits you.
  29. Watch Butterfield 8.
  30. Fight for that performance's reputation (It's better than Oscar mythology claims. But more on that in April for the 50th anniversary of her win.)
  31. Write something pity or bitchy on a mirror in lipstick. "NO SALE"
  32. Survive the loss of someone you loved no matter how hard that is to do. If you're still grieving find a way to make that sadness productive.
  33. Pretend you've won an Oscar.

  34. And another. (Or work at actually deserving one if you're in showbiz). Better yet...
  35. ...deserve the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.
  36. Drink people under the table.
  37. Polish La Liz's star at 6336 Hollywood Blvd.
  38. Watch Cleopatra...(okay, half of it. It's so long!).
  39. Make memorable entrances (if you're rolled in a carpet, have a safe word handy.)
  40. Read "Elizabeth".
  41. Watch the original Father of the Bride.
  42. Buy a pair of violet contact lenses or just play up your natural eye color's beauty.
  43. Paint a beauty mark on your right upper jaw.
  44. Don't take yourself too seriously.
  45. Role play "Liz and Dickie" with your boyfriend / girlfriend. H-O-T.
  46. Name perfumes after your favorite things.
  47. Monetize your favorite things.
  48. Love dogs (and other animals).

  49. Be a "Functioning Voluptuary"... enjoy the finer things in life.
  50. Gain lots of weight or lose some -- it doesn't matter; you're still fabulous.
  51. Stop worrying about getting older (Liz didn't); you're still fabulous.
  52. Watch Giant.
  53. Watch Suddenly Last Summer.
  54. Speak the truth with a ferocity of spirit. Even if it makes uptight people want to cut your brain up to stop your "hatchet tongue"
  55. Get familiar with the entire Tennesse Williams oeuvre. It suits the remarkable dramatic women (and sure suited La Liz who went there four times).
  56. Watch Boom.
  57. Watch Reflections in a Golden Eye.
  58. Steal something from someone who reminds you of Debbie Reynolds.

  59. But bury the hatchet with your enemies.
  60. Give them something to talk about when you leave the room.
  61. Photoshop yourself onto the cover of 14 People magazines.
  62. Watch The Flintstones.
  63. Watch Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
  64. Make sure you're enticing in your underwear.
  65. Descend into "erotic vagrancy"!

  66. Watch The Taming of the Shrew.
  67. Imagine how Sherilyn Fenn might play you in a TV movie.
  68. Study Kabbalah.
  69. Excite the tabloids.
  70. Inspire other artists.

  71. Add a "Dame" before your name on Facebook.
  72. Make your speaking voice so memorable that The Simpsons want you.
  73. Work towards making lots of "all time greatest" lists in whatever it is that you do and actually deserve the honor.
  74. Make the world a better place.
  75. Survive whatever illnesses beset you (tracheotomy, pneumonia, cancer, hip replacements, you name it.)
  76. Next time you throw your back out, spend that time catching up on old movie classics.
  77. Call yourself "Mother Courage" and mean it.
  78. Survive everything...
  79. Even death; leave great work behind you and live on.