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Entries in precursor awards (157)


Birthday Bale

Here's to Christian Bale, future Oscar winner (unless this King's Speech thing *really* gets out of hand), on his 37th birthday! He might even win the SAG Award tonight on his birthday.

It's hard to remember that he's not even 40 yet. He's been in the movies for so long!

Christian Bale, the 12 year old star of "Empire of the Sun"

Since that auspicious debut in Steven Spielberg's Empire (1987) which was nominated for 6 Oscars (but strangely didn't catch fire in any of the top categories, despite being a World War II epic) it's been quite a trip: He assisted a royal Oscar powerhouse (Henry V); ended his teenage years dancing (Swing Kids) and singing (Newsies); got curiously soft and swoony (Pocahontas, Little Women); was overcome by hormonal confusion in his mid 20s (Velvet Goldmine, Metroland, A Midsummer Night's Dream); played God and then the Devil back to back in his late 20s (Mary, Mother of Jesus & American Pyscho) as if to warn us, spiritually, of his physical yo-yoing to come; and then the films came fast and furious with the actor jumping genres and personas and body types left and right (Laurel Canyon, Reign of Fire, Equilibrium, The Machinist, Batman Begins, The New World, Rescue Dawn, The Prestige, I'm Not There, etcetera).

[gif source]

It's been hard to keep up with him. He's dancing as fast as he can through the cinema.

What's your favorite Bale performance?



Producer's Guild Loves Bertie, Disses Zuck

True Blood's Joe Mangianello presents an awardThe PGA (the producers not the golfers) have chosen The King's Speech as the best produced film of 2010. [Dumb joke] No word yet on which film the golfers prefer... maybe True Grit with all those wide open spaces or The Kids Are All Right with its landscaping subplot? [/Dumb joke] Stammering Bertie's win may come as a surprise to the producers of The Social Network who are very used to winning things for their exciting film about the billion dollar rise of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Why it's almost as if the Producers Guild have been reading all these speculative premature blog pieces "can TKS take it from TSN?" and decided that since they were producers of entertainment... they ought entertain by raising the stakes.

I'm not sure that this makes it a dead heat but it definitely raises one eyebrow. Que?

This Year's Prizes:
Theatrical Motion Picture: THE KING'S SPEECH
Animated Feature: TOY STORY 3
Documentary Feature: WAITING FOR 'SUPERMAN'
Episodic Television Comedy: MODERN FAMILY
Episodic Television Drama: MAD MEN (third consecutive win)
Longform Television: THE PACIFIC
Non-Fiction Television: DEADLIEST CATCH
Live Entertainment and Competition: Television THE COLBERT REPORT

and the honorary non-competition prizes
Milestone Award: JAMES CAMERON
Norman Lear Achievement (Television): TOM HANKS and GARY GOETZMAN
David O. Selznick Award (Film): SCOTT RUDIN
Visionary Awards LAURA ZISKIN
Stanley Kramer Award (which usually goes to a film, not a person): SEAN PENN

Amy Adams and Helen Mirren presenting...

For what it's worth...

here are the last 20 PGA winners and how they fared with Oscar
2009 The Hurt Locker (won)
2008 Slumdog Millionaire (won)
2007 No Country For Old Men (won)
2006 Little Miss Sunshine (lost)
2005 Brokeback Mountain (*sniffle*)
2004 The Aviator (lost)
2003 The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King (won)
2002 Chicago (won)
2001 Moulin Rouge! (lost which we knew it would but god bless them for going there.)
2000 Gladiator (won)
1999 American Beauty (won)
1998 Saving Private Ryan (lost)
1997 Titanic (won)
1996 The English Patient (won)
1995 Apollo 13 (lost)
1994 Forrest Gump (won)
1993 Schindler's List (won)
1992 The Crying Game (lost)
1991 The Silence of the Lambs (won)
1990 Dances With Wolves (won)
1989 Driving Miss Daisy (won -- this was the first year of the PGA prize)

Or, in the past 21 years, Oscar lines up 66% of the time. If you can find a pattern with the losers, you're my god. I can't see any patterns. All kinds of films win or lose, from big to small to American to British.

In other news: Amy Poehler and Justin Timberlake were there. Funny thing is, this is EXACTLY what happens when I talk* to Amy Poehler.

* ...and by "talk to" I mean watch her on Parks and Recreation. Aren't you glad that show is finally back?

What do you make of The King's Speech win here? A fluke or a real and present danger for Zuck and company come Oscar night?



9 Days 'til Nominations (Globe Predictions)

The countdown is progressing. Today's Topic: Golden Globe Predictions. (We'll be live-blogging starting with the arrivals 'round about 6:30 PMish.

So without further ado. Some predictions. We're predicting them in the order with which they appear on the Golden Globe site so as to save typing time!

Best Motion Picture - Drama
Black Swan
The Fighter
The King's Speech
The Social Network

Should Win: The Social Network
Will Win: I think it's going to be The Social Network but the Globes are hard to predict since they aren't that worried about what Oscar might pick (yay! -- I hate predictions as votes). So I suppose we could see an upset from The King's Speech or even The Fighter?

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama
Halle Berry – Frankie and Alice
Nicole Kidman – Rabbit Hole
Jennifer Lawrence – Winter's Bone
Natalie Portman – Black Swan
Michelle Williams – Blue Valentine

Click to read more ...


Red Carpet BFCA

Tonight the Golden Globes come and wash all memories of previous precursors away leaving basically only Oscar butterflies and mounting campaigns in their wake. So before they arrive, one last look back at the BFCA "Critics Choice" by way of the red carpet. I was wrong about the fuchsia being the color story -- the NBR threw me off -- as it seems like this year is going to be sedate with creams, whites and blackzzzz. But perhaps someone will go all bold red or crazy rainbow or something tonight at the Globes. 

Mystique, Lily, Sister of Dakota, Category Fraud

Comment Questions for y'all

  1. Do you think Jennifer Lawrence is pissed that Mila Kunis and Hailee Steinfeld stole all her Hot New Must Have Actress buzz as precursor season revved up? I'd still be surprised if she was snubbed in Best Actress but not as surprised as I would have been.
  2. Don't you think Mila is just biding her time till the Oscars. Obviously she has it in her to steal the show so why not steal the red carpet? We're waiting...
  3. Elle Fanning's look: 70s Granny Ice Skater? I'm confused.
  4. Best Dressed Here: Jennifer, Mila, Elle Fanning or Hailee?

God, Amazon, Freakshow, Belle of the BallMore blacks and whites.  More questions!

  1. Does anyone look better in a plunging neckline than Julianne Moore? She's been favoring that look (on occassion) since the 90s and it still looks sensational on her.
  2. Is Tilda Swinton's look an homage to Mildred Pierce or just plain ol' 'it's the Critics Choice I can't be bothered. Here, this unironic 80s look will do' (?)
  3. Helena's purse: Hilarious, Obnoxious or 'The Rest of My Look Is Fairly Sedate For Me (For Me) And I Want You To Remember That This is Helena Bonham Carter You're Looking At!'?
  4. How far along is Natalie Portman? We assumed it was earlybut she's already wearing flowing no-waist gowns and plump cheeks .

Her Majesty, Best of His Generation, Julia & Amy

We end with a random assortment about which we have no questions other than this: Isn't it disappointing that nobody has time to talk about how amazing Ryan Gosling is in Blue Valentine? There's only so many celebrities that can get omgtheirperformancechangedmylifeiwanttohavetheirbabieswhooooooo type praise each year, but he definitely should have been one of them, don't you think?

Recommended Reading "They're Off! Let the Second Guessing Begin"
The New York Times guesses what the stars will wear to the Globes tonight.



BFCA Live Blog

8:55 Keith Urban announces that he is "not afraid to cry." Good thing because he's married to Nicole Kidman! Not to imply that she's difficult but she can access the heavy soul-shattering stuff.

8:57 Oh hi! Live Blog. Why am I doing this? Does anyone watch this? Refresh your screens!

8:58 Jeff Bridges is doing his Rooster Cogburn voice for the press guy? Does he feel like a performing seal?

9:04 Arnold Schwarzenegger emerges to open the show. Noooo... I was about to predict that Ahnuld would say "I'm back" or "I'll be back" or some lame Terminator pun that we'd enjoy as a guilty pleasure but no. He's being sincere. [gasp]. That's no adjective with which to open a show.

9:06 Ahnuld...

"I invented not speaking English correctly"

Okay that was funny. Albeit subtle funny which is always a tough sell during awards show.

9:07 Quick show of hands. Who believes that Ahnuld saw Black Swan three times in the theater as he claims?




9:10 THE FIGHTER wins Best Ensemble. I'm glad they let Jack McGee accept. He was really special in the background, don't you think? He made you believe that he could handle and was even happily married to Melissa Leo's Crazy! That's an achievement in authentic masochism. Go McGee.

9:17 Hailee Steinfeld wins Best Young Actor/Actress. Chloe Moretz is undoubtedly pissed. Hailee thanks "everyone in here. And the Lord." I always think it's funny when celebrities thank God when they beat other celebrities to prizes. If God is that guy cares about who wins movie awards than... ohmygod. I AM GOD!

MORE AFTER THE JUMP including made for tv movie titles, blonde Emma, Natalie skinny/pregnant and armpit licking.

Click to read more ...


Red Carpet NBR

When The Beautiful People start collecting awards it's... heaven. It's only later when the same people have collected dozens of the same titles that we start getting bored. "And the Winner Is... The Most Recent Winner!"

"Mattie Ross", Michelle, Coppola Jr and Lesley Manville

Jessica Lange, Mrs Ben Affleck, Blake Lively




From the looks of the NBR evening -- minus the black dresses which never ever go out of awards style -- a certain color family was in. Something in the burgundy, fuschia, purples spectrum your next red carpet?

It's an homage to ___________ [Complete the Sentence in the comments]. You know you want to!


Cinematography Honors

The seasonal wheels keep turning. I can't keep up. I literally have three, count them, THREE interviews to type up. Plus the top ten list. But awards news waits for no man. Not even Nathaniel, man. If you don't peruse every awards website known to man, the following info regarding visual work that's somewhat safely on the Oscar nomination track will come as fresh news to you. If you do, you've already sussed out what you think it all means and you're ahead of us.

I Am Vertigo

First, a moment of silence for I Am Love's Yorick Le Saux who was not nominated for ASC's cinematography prize despite having better Vertigo hair bun homages than Black Swan! I only partially kid because both movies are byootiful (biutiful?) but...come on. I Am Love is not going to get any Oscar nominations and that is going to make me jump off my web cliff.


ASC Feature Nominees

  • Danny Cohen for The King's Speech
  • Jeff Cronenwerth for The Social Network
  • Roger Deakins for True Grit
  • Matthew Libatique for Black Swan
  • Wally Pfister for Inception

127 SpeechesThis list could transfer intact to Oscar -- they're all handsome movies for sure -- but you never know. ASC nominees, like all guild honors, generally differ a bit from the final Academy pronouncement. [2009 FLASHBACK - LOOKOUT!] Last year for example Oscar dumped Dion Beebe's ASC nominated work on Nine for Bruno Delbonnel's work on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. If you ask me it was a downgrade. Sure everyone hated Nine and blah blah blah... but awards aren't supposed to be about whether you loved the film (that's Best Picture) but what was done in that category. And Nine was beautifully shot. The weirdest thing about Rob Marshall's oeuvre is that the art directors are always getting credit for how well the DP's shoot those big cavernous somewhat empty stages.[/FLASHBACK] The King's Speech and The Social Network are probably the vulnerable ones here as they're the least showy and "best" often equates with "most" in awards season. You may see either or both of them replaced by Robert Richardson's work on Shutter Island (I'll never forget Nick calling that one "gangrenous") or the two gents from 127 Hours (who might get credit not just for the beautiful lighting but also for the inventive setups given the claustrophobic environs. But me, I'm rooting for a surprise foreign attack from I Am Love. Stop laughing! Popular foreign films sometimes show up here. Especially the visually wondrous ones.

The question on everyone's mind: Is Deakins EVER going to win an Oscar? It won't be an easy get this year either.

ASC TV Nominees
(announced last month)

  • Eagle Egilsson for "Shell Game" Dark Blue
  • Jonathan Freeman for "Home" Boardwalk Empire
  • Christopher Manley for "Blowing Smoke" Mad Men
  • Kramer Morgenthau for "Family Limitation" Boardwalk Empire
  • David Stockton for "Pilot" Nikita
  • Michael Wale for "Shield" Smallville
  • Glen Winter for "Abandoned" Smallville

Sigh. I miss Mad Men so hard, don't you? The nominated episode is the one where Midge (awesome Rosemarie DeWitt) returns all drugged up.The ASC Awards ceremony is on February 13th.