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"The cow on the roof of the house in O Brother Where Art Thou-tombeet

"There is a snake in The Thin Red Line that is both surreal and real. It just suddenly appears on screen, this angry, probably poisonous snake during a battle and jolts you out of the fear of bullets into a fear of nature..........then it's back to bullets." -henry

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Breakfast With... Clarissa, Virginia, and Laura

We begin our 10th anniversary celebration of The Hours, in the only logical place: morning rituals

Good morning ladies: Laura would like to sleep in, Virginia never sleeps, Clarissa sleeps fitfully

A woman's whole life in a single day. Just one day. And in that day, her whole life. 
-Virginia Woolf, The Hours

The central framing ambition of The Hours, is vocalized about 17 minutes in after the genius author Virginia Woolf (Nicole Kidman) has written the first and soon to be rather famous sentence to (one of) her masterpiece(s) "Mrs. Dalloway." I'd liken it to that moment when the tea kettle starts whistling except that nobody is having tea. But, nevertheless the movie's three strands (1923, 1951, and 2001) have been simmering with, bubbling over and spilling into one another in Stephen Daldry's pot and we're definitely full steam. But first things first... what are our ladies having for breakfast?

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Indiewire Robert Redford on whether or not he'd start the Sundance Film Festival again today
Gold Derby on Leo DiCaprio's slightly odd Oscar history 
Los Angeles Times Kathryn Bigelow pens an editorial on torture and her depiction thereof
Stale Popcorn on the Hitchcock meets Lynch vibe of the Bates Motel posters 
Observations on Film Art has a passionated detailed essay for fans of The Hobbit
CHUD Trey Parker and Matt Stone have lots of money. And now a movie production company to spend it.

Movie|Line looks at Bradley Cooper's showbiz past including a nude beach humiliation?
In Contention wants Argo to win Best Picture
Salon wonders what the Golden Globes mean to us, culturally, and to the industry they celebrate
Unreality looks at a study of the colorology of movie trailers. Turns out blue and orange are the winners. I could've told you that without the study. Most overused colors ever in the movies.  
The Advocate has an odd story about anti-gay harassment at a movie theater. At a Barbra Streisand Guilt Trip no less. (Wrong crowd, asshole.)
The Envelope Fox Searchlight will rerelease Beasts of the Southern Wild this weekend in about 70 theaters to celebrate its Oscar nominations. If you haven't seen it, go. It deserves the big screen treatment is Miss Julie next for über busy Jessica Chastain? 
Guardian Shortcuts  Les Misérables provoking buckets of tears

Finally... did you hear that the cast of Les Misérables will  be singing at the Oscars? Yes, the whole cast! Which either means they're reworking Original Song nominee "Suddenly" as a rousing choral piece or Hugh Jackman gets to take the stage twice. Either way, we win.


What's on your (cinematic) mind?

It's an open thread whilst I work on that top ten list, the new podcast, and more.

P.S. Our celebration of The Hours for its 10th anniversary begins tomorrow!


The First Still from Snowpiercer

Amir here. When I was compiling my list of 2013’s most anticipated films a couple of weeks ago, one of the titles that slipped under my radar was Snowpiercer. With the first official still from the film released yesterday the internet is awash with news about this sci-fi and I might have to adjust my list a little bit!

Snowpiercer, adapted from a French graphic novel titled Le Transperceneige, marks the English language debut of South Korean director Bong Joon-ho. He’s dabbled in different genres but is best known for his two most recent efforts: the monster flick The Host, which became a smash hit in its home country; and the internationally acclaimed Mother, for which Kim Hye-Ja won a bunch of best actress titles including from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

first poster and plot concept after the jump

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The Flu

Apologies for my absence. Under the weather for the 17th time this year. I think the evil Flu realized that I kept claiming that my calendar year didn't end until Oscar Night and also overheard my praise for 2013 as a whole new rebirth after the constantly hideous 2012. It put two and two together and saw a window for one last attack! 

Every hour'ish today, I've been startled awake by my own Oscar Fever 'omg I forgot to post something about Amour!'  And as soon I dizzily stumble over to the computer I forget what it is that I've forgotten to say about it. I mean besides the top ten list which is 75% written... stay tuned. During this weird ritual I've realized that they still haven't announced who Amour's producer nominees are for Best Picture. And that, if Argo wins, Ben Affleck wins his second Oscar anyway despite the director "snub" and then they'll "owe" him --ugh! -- and he'll breeze to a third win. Some of my best actresses can't even win one! 

Anyway I hope it's not the flu again and i'm just having an odd day but if it is, at least I have good company. Four day old Golden Globe joke coming at'cha... 

I don't know who made this or i'd give them credit. but thanks for the lolz


Stage Door: "Picnic" Packs a Lot of Starpower

Occasionally on Mondays, Broadway's "dark" night, or uh... It's Wednesday (oops!)... we'll talk theater.

As I sat waiting for the revival of William Inge's "Picnic"  to begin in its new Broadway run, I noticed that I couldn't keep my mitts off of Sebastian Stan. Playbills can get so smudgy if you keep pawing at them but it couldn't be helped with his face so blown up big on the program. The collection of actors onstage was about to experience the same handsy problem with Sebastian Stan as "Hal" the hunky drifter in this classic drama about the power of beauty and the complications of sexual attraction. Only it wasn't his face they wanted to rub themselves all over.

No sooner had the play begun than Ellen Burstyn was talking him out of his clothing (please to note: Sebastian Stan has been working out. A lot. God bless, presumably, Captain America: The Winter Soldier in which he'll square off with Chris Evans as his former friend 'Bucky' now resurrected/brainwashed as an arch enemy.) He spends the better part of the three act play sweaty and shirtless or half sweaty-shirted if you will.

more after the jump...

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