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My Baby's Got (Another) Secret

Madonna, the eternal queen goddess from whom all new pop starlets are derived, has never been totally satisfied with just being the eternal queen goddess of pop. After trying her hand at acting, she's now increasingly behind the camera as well. She's made two features (Filth & Wisdom in 2008 and W.E. in 2011) and now she's backtracking a bit with a short film. You're supposed to make the shorts first to warm up Madonna, geez. The title is the awkward secretprojectrevolution but "secret" has such a sell by date as a description, you know. Especially when your film debuts online.

Do that dance you do so well. 

The full 17 minute movie, co-directed with Steven Klein, and a few comments are after the jump...

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10 Years Ago Right Now. Remember This Kiss? 

10th Anniversary Special! Ten years ago on this very night the VMAs were happening and Madonna was doing her thing (her thing being Performing / Button-Pushing) and this happened...

Britney Spears in a Like a Virgin gown and Madonna laying one on her. Christina Aguilera was also lip-smacked but no one ever talked about that... like Christina was the spin the bottle participant nobody in the room wanted the bottle to point to or something, poor thing.

In Britney & Madonna's honor I thought about doing a top ten of girl-on-girl kisses from the movies but instead, pressed for time, I polled readers on facebook (like us!)  and on twitter and in the wave of responses three things became clear. I'll share them after the jump along with my three favorite kisses.

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You Must Be My Linky Star

In Contention goodbye to the goodcity. In Contention's head honcho leaves NYC for LA. He tried it for a year. (I'd kind of like to do this in reverse as I could never leave NYC for good.)
EOnline Ethan Hawke regrets his marriage to Uma Thurman, thinks men shouldn't marry before 28 years of age
Buzzfeed the ultimate Mean Girls alphabet is made of rainbows and smiles
Buzzfeed 26 reasons why Grease 2 is better than Grease (I do not agree with the thesis but I heart the argument
Mental Floss 11 things you never see in movie theaters anymore
Animation Mag possible sci-tech awards for Oscar this year. But what I wanna know is which actress will host it people. Guess in the comments! 

How Did You Celebrate Madonna's Birthday Yesterday?
I listed my opinion of her best "acting" and I listened to a million songs by the queen. I also read a few blogposts celebrating her special day my favorite of which by far was this one at Flavorwire which stereotypes you by your favorite Madonna song.

I went straight to my two favorites...

“Like a Prayer”
Potentially lapsed Catholics.
People who have the “vintage” tab on RedTube bookmarked in their browser. 

...which just made me cackle and those aren't even the funniest ones. I especially LOL'ed at  "La Isla Bonita," "Who's That Girl" and "Express Yourself." It's a must read if you love Her Madgesty.

Why don't you vote in more of our polls? I see the stats. There are way more of you than are voting in the polls! Insert Gentle Grumbling At You! Rather than polling you about why you're not joining in on the fun (perhaps your fingertips are too sensitive for clicking?) I'll just remind you that we have polls running like these...





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The Girl Who Played with Calvin.

Jose here. Over the last few weeks it seems that I can't turn anywhere without seeing an actress I love in a new ad campaign or fashion magazine cover...there's J.Law and Kidman and J.Lo (oh my!) and now my beloved Rooney Mara has teamed up with Calvin Klein to sell their new fragrance called Downtown. Now, before you all disregard me and my obsession with Rooney, keep in mind that the ad was directed by none other than David Fincher and even though it pretty much features Rooney being Rooney (except she wants to play with puppies and children and she even gives us a toothy smile for once) it also has some unique Fincher-ian touches, especially with all the movies it pays tribute to.

On my tenth viewing I've spotted references to Roman Holiday (the plot), Singin' in the Rain (the rain! Also, the dancing, the studio settings and the dress), Notting Hill (the toothy smile!), Some Lie It Hot (the dress and Bus Stop moment), Cosmopolis (the limo, the isolation), Manhattan (the bridge) and more importantly Madonna's videos for Vogue (well, everything but especially the makeup brush!) and Bad Girl (the cinematography, the haunting melancholy and the opening scene in the cafe).

But this will only keep me content so long while I wait for a sequel to Dragon Tattoo... sigh.

How many references can you spot? Do you crave a Dragon Tattoo sequel as much as I do? Do you wish the ad was set to Petula Clark instead of Yeah Yeah Yeahs?


Red Carpet Convo: My So-Called "Punk"

In Red Carpet Convos, we discuss what the actresses are wearing. Which is really an elaborate excuse (not that we need another) to talk actresses. Today's returning guest is Courtney Enlow Hall from Pajiba.

NATHANIEL: Hi Courtney! Welcome back to Red Carpet Convos. This time I will try not to ask you to draw any pigs dressed as Janell Monae.

COURTNEY: Well as you know I'm exceptionally good at that, so I'm sad about this.

NATHANIEL: This week the celebs came out for the annual MET GALA and the theme was "Punk". Because The Met is SO counter-culture, you know.

COURTNEY: The Met is punk as fuck, Ryan Adams-style.

Ginny, Diaz, JLo, Kerry, and Angela Chase

NATHANIEL: Actually maybe it is rebellious to go to a museum instead of sitting at home watching reality tv. I rescind my comment. The interesting thing to me about the looks we're about to see is it seems like only some actresses have any working knowledge of what "punk" is. Let's start with Ginnifer Goodwin. I think she gets it.

Or at least her eye makeup does...

"my so-called punk", weeping ex-boyfriends, and eyeliner mantras after the jump

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