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MINDHUNTER (s2 episodes 1-2) 

"I am also a big fan of this show, because of Fincher and the detective work, even if the show skirts very close sometimes to murderer fetish..." - Jono

"I love this show. I binged 7 of the 9 episodes and could have finished but I wanted to savor it a little longer. It's such an engrossing show and beautifully filmed" -Raul

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Lulu Wang (The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra (Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes (Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu (Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke (Ash is Purest White)

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May Flowers: 'The Hours'

Kurt here from Your Movie Buddy. In an intro to cinema studies course, my peers and I were tasked to select and present a three- to five- minute segment from a film for a collegiate show and tell. The terms: choose something that features effective editing and/or noteworthy use of music. With the field so finely narrowed (sarcasm), my mind went...everywhere. Rather than drive myself nuts, I opted for the opening credits sequence of a movie I always feel like I've seen recently: The Hours.

This remains one of my very favorite movies of the aughts, and it's a fine specimen for Nat's "May Flowers" series. The brisk and beautiful introduction culminates with a trio of bouquets, but more on those in a bit. Guided by Phillip Glass's score (by turns elegant, chipper and paranoid), we wake up with three women, all of them linked by Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway. We have Virginia (Nicole Kidman), the writer; Laura (Julianne Moore), the reader; and Clarissa (Meryl Streep), the character (in a matter of speaking). The sequence sets the stage for the three ladies' storylines, which seem to run parallel, but are decades – and miles – apart.

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Streep. The Lady Turns Blue

A new photo of Jim Broadbent and Meryl Streep as Mr & Mrs Margaret Thatcher from The Iron Lady [via The Daily Mail]

This is apparently a recreation of her "The lady is not for turning" speech when she was at war with the unions. As much as I hated Mamma Mia! from her Iron Lady director and as much as I am largely suspect about this movie and whether it will lionize (perhaps accidentally?) an über conservative doing the kind of thing everyone is correctly pissed at the Wisconsin Governor for doing, I'll have to admit I'm getting more curious about the movie.

If only because it's so hard to read this far out. Did I underestimate it in my Oscar predictions?


Reader of the Day: Keir

Hope you're enjoying getting to know The Film Experience community with me. Some times I pick up bits from comments but this has been a much fuller picture, and so fun. I hope you've enjoyed. We wrap up tomorrow.

Today's featured reader is Keir.

Nathaniel: Do you remember your first moviegoing experience?
KEIR: Yes I do. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't a glorious experience. My Grandmother took me to see E.T., and I suppose I was a little wimp because every time E.T. would appear on the screen I would cry. I guess I thought he was scary. I think I remember her laughing a bit, then asking me if I want to see something else.

OMG. I went with my grandmother to E.T., too. Scout's honor. I remember she didn't like it and the rest of the year when everyone was like 'the whole world loves E.T.' I was like 'Um... Grandma 'Bel didn't!'

So... when did you start reading The Film Experience?
After the Brokeback Mountain mess. I wanted to vent my anger. (I knew that you were a big supporter, and couldn't wait to see what you had to say about it.)  I especially love and appreciate your tribute to actresses.

You work or worked for Disney as a performer, right?

Yes, I'm a dancer first and foremost. I also worked for Royal Caribbean, and did the national tour of "Contact". I also sing, but dancing is really my love and passion.

Keir (left) in a number based around Dr. Facilier (right) from "The Princess and the Frog"

What's your favorite musical number?
I was a soloist for the number "Mr. Bojangles" from "Fosse". It remains my favorite piece that I ever did. It took everything out of me each time I performed it. There was always a sense of accomplishment whether or not I executed the number technically perfect. Bob Fosse is by far my favorite choreographer and my favorite style.

What film genres besides musicals do you love?
Well, actually I would say that Dramas are my favorite film genre, I suppose because I'm such a drama queen myself.  I'm always affected the most by a film that stirs my emotions and makes me think.

A guilty pleasure for me are horror films. I know that 9 times out 10 it's going to be a bad film, but I love the thrill of it. It's always good to see a horror film with a date as well. I once went on a date to see The Notebook, and it was so awkward after.

Three favorite actresses. Go!
Hmmm...well, it will be hard to pick just three, but I would have to say: Meryl Streep is by far my favorite actress. I know it's such a typical answer, but that's for a reason. She is so versatile and natural in everything she does. I also look forward to her speeches, because she always makes me laugh. She is my acting God, for sure.

I've always had a thing for Gwyneth Paltrow. I'm in the minority that thinks she was absolutely the right choice back in '98. She is sophisticated and charming. I really had no idea that she could sing as well, which makes me like her even more. Sally Field is amazing as well.

He likes her. He really likes her. (So does Nathaniel!)

She has the right mix of humor and drama in her scenes. I've loved every single performance of hers.

On a side note, I LOVE Natalie Portman now. I'm biased in my belief that she was the rightful winner this year for obvious reasons. I love when an actor/actress can surprise you and knock your socks off.


♪ if i said i want ur blog/site now, would u link it against me? ♫

TwitVid Jake Gylllenhaal and Pee Wee Herman. tee hee.
Cinesnatch runs down that Streep Tease show in LA for you. It sounds fun. I especially love the idea of a one-man conversation between multiple Meryl characters. Hopefully I'll get to see it next time I'm in LA. Whenever that is...
Business Spectactor Speaking of Meryl Streep, this is how you know someone's cinema achievements (of any sort)  have totally entered the realm of the popular mythic, when they're brought up in totally non-cinema related ways. Streep as defense of aging executives! Haha
Awards Daily I keep meaning to link up to this article on astrology and Oscar. Super interesting chart if you're into signs, baby. And it's all about Aries apparently.
The House Next Door Gregg Araki's new muse Thomas Dekker.
Twitch has a piece on how the PG-13 rating killed the films it was meant to protect, the films aimed at very young teenagers.
Senses of Cinema here's an interesting piece on Leo McCarey, his 1937 Oscar win and his preference for his drama Make Way For Tomorrow over his indisputable screwball classic The Awful Truth. I haven't seen Make Way... but I've never though artists were the best judge of their own art.
Rants of a Diva has an Oscar winning dream.
Serious Film has great advice for screenwriters of romantic comedies.
Capital New York. A fine review of Certified Copy starring Juliette Binoche though I'd urge you to see the movie first before reading it. It's a must-see film but one of the most beautiful things about it is the sense of evolving surprise as the film keeps shifting. So maybe read no reviews at all until afterwards. Then you'll want to read them all.

Finally La Daily Musto shares the news that that Barbra Streisand version of Gypsy that we were all excited / worried / shocked about has been cancelled already. Just as we'd gotten used to the idea. Apparently Stephen Sondheim is to blame. So here is Babs singing one of her best songs about nostalgia for what once was or what could have been.

Take it away Babs.

I love the guy bouncing up and down in the audience as she starts (notice him to the far right?). Babs fans were very excitable from the very start!


Link Tease

Streep Tease in which male actors do Meryl Streep monologues is back in Los Angeles every Saturday night. I must hear from you Los Angelenos if you go.
Cinephilia and Sass starts an Eyre-a-thon. Have you watched any of the movies or read the book to prep for the new Jane Eyre opening tomorrow?
Towleroad a few notes on new releases.
Blog Stage
a conversation between Tony Kushner and Stephen Sondheim, two giants of American theater.
Filmdrunk a man with 82 Julia Roberts tattoos. How is there room for so many. Her mouth alone...
Vulture Chris Meloni, learns how to direct and gives acting tips.


This & That: Win Wins, Pettyfer Double, Black Swan $100

I apologize for my absence today, I'm so far behind on awardage I know. Argh. While you wait for that, some articles of mine at my other two haunts.

In my weekly Oscar column at Tribeca Film, I'm considering the win-win of being a nominated actor. If you think you're going to win, you're probably racked with nerves. If you know you're not, you're free to enjoy the adulation without much stress. Either way, it's a win-win since you're Oscar nominated, you know?

Over at Towleroad, I'm blabbing about Alex Pettyfer aka I Am Number Four, the latest product Hollywood is trying to sell me.


It's like Hollywood is smiling under flourescent lighting at the grocery store. "Free sample? Free sample?"

Other things to check out:
Inside Movies great piece on Banksy and why the Academy doesn't understand entertainment on Oscar night.
Meryl Streep Forum has some on the set peaks at Meryl Streep in Thatcher.
Awards Daily Ballot Sasha is simulating the Oscar voting. I voted today. Wheeee
My New Plaid Pants Do Dump or Marry with the Lincoln Lawyer lads.
Gold Derby Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark getting rewrites from a different writer after three months in previews? My God. Please just put this thing down.
Alt Film Guide fun list of longest gap between acting Oscar nods.

Finally, congratulations to Darren Aronofsky. He has his first $100 million domestic grosser with Black Swan which just crossed the big mark. It feels great that the public is finally catching up with all of us, right? Aronofsky's been making awesome movies for a whole decade. In case you missed the big Aronofsky Favorite Actors post, check it out.