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Oscar's 10 All Time Favorite Leading Actors

"Please come back Jack." - MDA

"Two performers I wish were on this list: Montgomery Clift and Henry Fonda." - Arkaan

"Interesting comments on this thread about how fashions in acting styles change over the years." -Edward L

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Jeremiah Zagar (We the Animals)
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Beauty vs Beast: And Then There Was Fassbender

Jason Adams from MNPP here for a new week's round of our "Beauty vs Beast" poll, wherein we ask you to choose between a "good" guy and a "bad" guy and roll and around and muck up the in between what that means. One of our modern masters in mucking up that in between has a new movie out this weekend - Steve McQueen returns with Widows, out on Friday. If you'd like my long-form thoughts on it here's my review from last week, but if you just want short-form, here: it's great! Go see it!

I will say there's one thing I was disappointed by with Widows though, and that's the absence of McQueen's lucky charm Michael Fassbender, who'd starred in every one of his movies before now. And that's where we turn for this week's contest. (I'm worried about Fassbender in general, who's all but disappeared from acting since The Snowman soiled our cinemas last year - come back, Fassy!)

PREVIOUSLY Although we should be celebrating Parker Posey every day we really celebrated the heck out of her last week for her 50th birthday - for our poll it was her incest-minded Bouvier twist who took top honors, swallowing up 64% of the vote along with all that scenery. Said James From Ames:

"Jackie O left me awestruck. It’s such a star-making role and performance that it’s almost painful to think on, given that Hollywood never capitalized on this huge talent. My cousin, 10 years younger than me, was obsessed with the real Jackie O and wore that pink suit for Halloween. She didn’t like my suggestion to add brains to the look, and I found out she had never heard of this great film!"


Can You Ever Forgive the Box Office?

by Nathaniel R

Dear readers, we don't know why we relay the box office charts each week because they can be depressing. Films that should be giant hits are not and vice versa. With great regularity. We've learned to adjust our expectations so that now films that seem like giant hits made for adults are actually just modest hits if you compare them to year's past and so on. But for what it's worth here are this week's charts... 

Weekend Box Office Estimates
(Nov 9-11)

800+ screens
excluding prev. wide
1  Dr Seuss the Grinch $66 on 4141 screens *NEW* Posterized
1 🔺 Can You Ever... $1.4 on 391 screens (cum. $3.6) ReviewPodcast

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Critics Choice Documentary Winners 2018

In an unusually successful year for documentaries in terms of audience interest, two of the biggest hits, Won't You Be My Neighbor? ($22.6 million) and Free Solo ($7.3 million and climbing) now have yet more to crow about. They each won three prizes at the 3rd annual Critics Choice Documentary Awards last night. Though they both appear to be likely future Oscar nominees you just never know with the documentary branch. 

The winners in each of the Critics Choice doc categories are listed after the jump... 

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105 Days until Oscar Night! Let's talk running times.

by Nathaniel R

Did you know that only two Best Picture winners ever have been 105 minutes long? Well, now you do. They were  It Happened One Night (1934) and Kramer vs Kramer (1979). We hope you are wise enough to love both of them. When we first listed the Best Picture winners from longest to shortest by length four years ago we realized that the average Best Picture winner length was a whopping 138 minutes long. Since then, rather shockingly, given how longwinded storytellers on TV and in film are getting, all four of the new winners have been shorter than that... 

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The 166 Documentaries Competing for Oscar's Love

Yesterday AMPAS released the list of the documentaries that are eligible for this year's Oscar. The list is always crazy long (even longer than the other top 'specialty' prize -foreign language film). Members of the doc branch have 166 films to sift through from which they will draw a final 15 and then vote from those 15 for the 5 nominees. We wish the Foreign Film committee would do the same since it strikes us as odd that they only get 9 finalists. But we digress.

Because Glenn Dunks does such fine work for us here in his series Doc Corner, we've already written up 24 of these contenders. If the title is linked below it goes to our review. The complete list of eligible documentaries follows after the jump...

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Why does everyone want to talk about Chris Pine's penis?

Guest article from Anna from Defiant Success

Following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this past September, film critics who had seen David Mackenzie’s Outlaw King were all abuzz on Twitter. The one scene they were very vocal about: star Chris Pine going full frontal. Following the social media explosion, Pine expressed his discomfort not at filming the scene but rather at how it was receiving more attention than the rest of the movie. (“There’s so much beheading in this. And yet people wanna talk about my penis.”) Subsequent interviews had Pine talking about how there’s a double standard in Hollywood towards performers going full frontal for their work; men receive a lot of press for whipping it out but when women bare it all for the camera, it’s barely noteworthy. In all honestly, Pine isn’t wrong in the slightest.

Mind you, there have been male frontal nudity scenes for decades -- at least for as long as the MPAA rating system has been in existence...

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